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  1. Vsack

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Great minds think alike. I was doing exact same thing.
  2. 16 500 exc desmogged. Not sure what map but I just put an endcap on it and it runs just fine with it. So was wondering if I needed to add anything or just adjust tps or ..?
  3. good to know thanks. I will buy one of those jd tuners asap
  4. I did this and didnt put a tuner on. I was told as long as it doesnt pop I should be good. Am I wrong? Seems to run just fine.
  5. Want to trade? This is on top of two feet already.
  6. Vsack

    I-405 tolls

    People seem to forget that not only did they jack our gas tax ten cents a gallon for extra general purpose lanes on 405 but they they proceeded to take away a general purpose lane and turned it into a lexus lane(tolls) which screwed us over. Its call “engineered gridlock” and lemmings that keep voting these corrupt politicians in will continue to vote “D” because they are stoopid usefull idiots. Buses and choo choo trains only make up what 5% of trips? Yet everything is directed to that because these corrupt D’s are only all about power and control.
  7. Where you jogging recently in Co? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6668795/Colorado-jogger-fends-kills-mountain-lion-rural-trail.html
  8. Vsack

    Seattle foundry

    He lived in a trailer for 6 months near us in Preston for a while too.
  9. Vsack

    ThumperTalk member went missing with my bike!!!!

    Chalk it up as a learning experience. Whats a 2001 KTM 300 with? Maybe what 1500-2k? Whats your time worth in comparison? At a certain point it might be worth just letting it go.
  10. Vsack

    Tahuya new rider\childrens area going in

    So can we next get a designated area for quad riders in thier wife beater shirts to race back and forth?
  11. Vsack

    Tri county economic development district

    Local tip. If you open up google maps of the mtns out there and look at all the service rds....unlike on the west side they are all open with no or very few gates. Its a paradise for someone with a KTM 500/690 to explore. Would take a lifetime to explore it all. Thats why there is just so much potential for singletrack.
  12. Vsack

    Tri county economic development district

    My house is about 25 minutes outside of Chewelah(half way bewteen Chewelah and Colville). I would say the draw to living out there is you can be 25 minutes out and be in absolutely nowhere with no neighbors. DT Chewelah is definitely an s-hole though. Addy looks like a 3rd world nation. But owning this house since '99 it was honestly news to me there's a drug problem there. Goes to show there are two totally different worlds out there because I am NEVER EVER go DT Chewelah. Money is moving in though, They just put in some fancy breweries in DT Colville and everytime I turn around there are new things coming to Coleville. You can still buy pretty cheap out there but properties are rising out there for sure now. I think its all the west siders escaping or retiring out there in droves.