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  1. Vsack

    Suntop Trail: I'm taking it back

    That was an entertaining post while it last lol
  2. Vsack

    Suntop Trail: I'm taking it back

    Ahh the good old days. I remeber there was a trail that took you all the way down to the entrance of the nudist colony “fraternity sniqualmie”. First time I rode down there I was getting all these wtf looks. Then someone told me what it was lol
  3. Vsack

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Took Helga up boulder deroux
  4. Vsack

    Bike stolen =-(

    Friend of mine was walking inToronto and some homeless vagrant says “spare change”? My friend answered “no thanks, got some” and kept walking lol
  5. Vsack

    Bike stolen =-(

    The homeless of today are not the homeless of 50 years ago +. They are vagrants who want to live like that so they can get their next fix. They will beg, steal or threaten to get their way so they can get heroin or whatever. The big cities leaders across this nation love having them too. They provide a foil so they can fund everything else and then come to us and say "just a new fee or new tax is all that's needed to fix homelessness". Then what happens is crime and vagrancy gets worse. So they need to raise taxes even more to handle the increase in crime. Then you start to get ingrate lunatics in the mayors office and or city council that bash police at every step of the way. So the police start de-policing so then crime skyrockets even more and there's not a dam thing you can do about it but hope and pray your not a victim. Then word gets out and you get even more homeless vagrants move in. Vicious cycle. It's whats happened in Seattle and other big cities. Sorry for your loss. Had one of my bikes stolen like that from an underground parking lot. I remember how homicidal I was when I saw the videos on the security camera.
  6. Vsack

    Documentary Video: Foggy Dew of the North Cascades

    Growing up in western Washington I knew plenty of dirt bikers that are also mtn bikers and left wingers. I also fully understand its like chickens supporting colonel sanders.
  7. Vsack

    Documentary Video: Foggy Dew of the North Cascades

    If you dont realize what a veiled anti motorized post that is you have no clue how the greens work.
  8. Vsack

    Trail Closure Help in Kittitas County

    My friend from Ellensburg put his house up for sale. The real estate agent told him that Ellensburg has already turned into a bedroom community of Seattle(did I say Ellensburg?). His next door neighbor commutes downtown Seattle every day. I guess he was complaining how so many others are doing the same that his commute time is growing. Last year I saw new houses for sale in Cle elum with giant signs saying "Just one hour to Seattle" -lol
  9. Vsack

    Being properly prepared for Gifford/gnar

    And to think I used to do the desert 100 or ride taenum/naches with no spare tools, no spare water, food anything when I was 18. Lol
  10. Vsack

    Tubliss removed from BYOB

    I got a price on a tire at a local installed. Took wheel in and he goes "oh I dont touch tubeless, fewer and fewer of us will anymore, sorry" I am like...um wtf. Its not that big a deal. I was being lazy but actually think changing tires is easier with them. I guess he told me they had so many issues installing tires with them. All I could do is scratch my head on that one
  11. Vsack

    Being properly prepared for Gifford/gnar

    I am so scared of heights I can simply look up at the skyscrapers dt Seattle and get vertigo. Doesn't stop me from riding that mtn stuff. I have learned how to focus like a lazer beam on trail in front of me. As long as there is decent trail I am OK. when the trail dissapears though as in some riding areas...all bets are off.
  12. Vsack

    Documentary Video: Foggy Dew of the North Cascades

    Looks like the mountain bikers dont like us being out there and wrote a blog about it. He admits the trail wouldnt exist without us but anyone looking for an excuse against us will focus on the negatives only. Enjoy this place why we have it. https://www.evergreenmtb.org/trails/ride-reports/rr-4224
  13. Vsack

    Being properly prepared for Gifford/gnar

    Cant agree more. My brother was one of those that was totally fearless and delighted in taking people up the gnarliest crazies stuff imaginable as kind of an "interview". He took my up clifty(I think) in the early 90's. Big deal right? Well Back then there was sections where the trail just flat out disappeared with total dropoffs and zero room for mistakes. It was up to you to just gun it and pray you don't fall down and die. I remember yelling and cussing at him in my helmet. I didnt have fear of hights until that ride. I still ride stuff with exposure but I immediately get vertigo once up high(never used too). I didn't speak to him for a week for that.
  14. Vsack

    Being properly prepared for Gifford/gnar

    Its the problem with us dirt bikers. Nobody wants to be "that guy" that ruined the ride because they where too chicken to ride a certain section.