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  1. Vsack

    Shrapnel Tranny bearing?

    Wish I had your skill set spud. Good work. Seems like its common to get anbout 40 ish k out of these 500’s. Crazy
  2. Vsack

    Snoqualmie - North Bend - North Fork Road

    AS I was thinking it was a tad too early. Next Sunday it should be nicely melted though
  3. Vsack

    Hardwire GPS

    It hooks up to your front head lights wire so yes. I bought this whole setup. Super cool way to go https://www.motominded.com/collections/super-mounts/products/super-mount
  4. I was telling my friend in Spokane how the Seattle city clowncille overrode the will of the voters and is implementing tax payer funded rolling heroin dens. He shrugged his shouldres and said “yeah but thats Seattle” - I told him now that the rats have a solid blue wall in Olympia expect to have that statewide, a gps pay per mile tax, state income tax, carbon tax, Assualt weapan ban, large magazine ban etc etc. He just didnt believe it like they are somehow in an impervious world over there. If next election cycle these people dont get wiped out, I plan on leaving this state for sure. This state will be done. We will be California north.
  5. This after the state voted hands down on “carbon tax” The hubris of these people is stunning.
  6. Vsack

    Hardwire GPS

    This is what I did https://www.motominded.com/collections/ktm-2017-19-exc-250-350-450-500/products/switched-accessory-plug-in-harness
  7. Vsack

    Desert 100 2019 tips, tires etc

    Another tip...dont post a thread on tt nw section on April fools say with the topic “SAy what, desert 100 cancelled?” Lmao. Thought I was going to be strung up that year lol.
  8. Vsack

    Desert 100 2019 tips, tires etc

    Or the dumb asses that leave thier broken chairs or broken pop ups so stumpjumpers half to clean it up. Never understood people that cant clean up thier own shit
  9. Vsack

    The Dirty Poker Run has been rescheduled

    Dang I was hoping it moved to a cooler location. Aw well
  10. Vsack

    Desert 100 2019 tips, tires etc

    When your parking place neighbor starts to gather giant rocks and strewn them across the one of the main rd as a speed bump to keep the dust down (lmao)try not to get in a fist fight with hims after you start moving the rocks away after you have seen the 10th or so bike almost endo.
  11. Vsack

    Tahuya conditions

    Here I was thinking it was gonna be an early riding season in the mtns too. Just drove back from Spokane on sunday and the entire state(even mattawa) is encased in a blanket of white. Been doing this drive every year since mid 90’s and its never been this much snow everywhere this late
  12. Vsack

    Desert 100 2019 tips, tires etc

    best advice from someone who has been doing it since 1985....camp somewhere far far far away from the mini mx track that gets formed. Youll thank me when you dont hear the drunken hillbillies racing each other at 1 am on xr 50’s.
  13. Vsack

    Shrapnel Tranny bearing?

    Id say you got your monies worth. here I was fretting about racking up the occasional rd exploring miles. Yet in 3 yrs I have only racked up 4800 miles on my 16 exc. guess my bike will last until retirement at this rate.
  14. Vsack

    Where to ride with my Mom in Idaho?

    This should be fairly close to you and close to snow free. At least it’s usually the first to thaw. https://www.spokanecounty.org/Facilities/Facility/Details/LIberty-Lake-Offroad-Vehicle-Park-109
  15. Vsack

    Snoqualmie - North Bend - North Fork Road

    you used to bu not apparently anymore. Or so I have been told by people in the know
  16. Vsack

    Craigslist Ad of the Day

    For the wealthy riders https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/mcy/d/tacoma-2007-ktm-950se/6831502016.html
  17. Vsack

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    Great minds think alike. I was doing exact same thing.
  18. 16 500 exc desmogged. Not sure what map but I just put an endcap on it and it runs just fine with it. So was wondering if I needed to add anything or just adjust tps or ..?
  19. good to know thanks. I will buy one of those jd tuners asap
  20. I did this and didnt put a tuner on. I was told as long as it doesnt pop I should be good. Am I wrong? Seems to run just fine.
  21. Want to trade? This is on top of two feet already.