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  1. sulux

    tire size?

    WR rear = 100/100 - 18
  2. sulux

    tire size?

    Front = 80/100 - 21 Rear = 100/90 - 19
  3. sulux

    rear wheel alignment

    I have a 06wr250f, after I adjusted my chain for the first time I looked from the back of the tyre towards the front and it did not seem right, the tyre was turned to the right, checked the alignment with the marks which were ok. So being an ex road racer I string lined the back wheel to the front wheel and found that the right side axle block had to be 3mm forward to correctly align the back wheel, and now when you look at it from the back it even looks right.
  4. sulux

    exshuast for the wr 250 06 model

    I cant help with exhaust, but I am interested what jetting issues you had, and what you did to overcome them, as I have the dreaded off idle bog unloaded and a rougth spot between 1/8 and 1/4 throttle during mild exceleration. Thanks.