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  1. face_plant

    frame question

    i have a plated 05 frame used as a sumo/offroad but not beaten, i rebuilt it and it garnaded so i have lots of parts WV PLATED clean title not rebuilt or salvage, at the dmv its listed as a dual sport
  2. face_plant

    Electric Start: click, but not engaging

    all 3 of mine did that....it either was the battery/ connection or it was the relay under the seat
  3. face_plant

    What a pain in the A$$!

    whats the easiest way to get to the carb? my 05 was easy.the 09 is horrible. take off the swingarm subframe and shock? here in WV the stock jetting works well. all free mods and baffle out, i will get a small pop on decel but thats about it
  4. it happened to my 05 at 36k miles, it was running at normal temps also. i never even noticed it til i had to replace 4th gear. you can see it in the wr 450 trasmission forum somewhere.
  5. well crap i was going to post it too i saw it at americanlifan what an asshat
  6. face_plant

    changing the oil

    1000 mi.street or 250mi off road
  7. face_plant

    my 450f burnt to the ground :(

    i feel for you, just remember you can replace stuff. not people it just gives you an excuse to get an 09. hope you get up and going, and not let it get you down
  8. face_plant

    05 wr 450 transmission

    here ye be an update crappy vid it was late at night and i wanted sleep this is what failed in the water pump runs like a dream in the garage going to finish it up by the weekend and it still runs.......3 more heat cycles to go woooooooot
  9. face_plant

    05 wr 450 transmission

    it took forever to heat up and would overheat very easily..... well its back together, ais/grey wire and airbox and i have a major jetting issue. will run but with choke and 1/4 throttle. i did forget to take out the tamper plug so hopefully thats whats wrong....BUT IT RUNS
  10. face_plant

    05 wr 450 transmission

    its my buddys hand i couldnt take a pic and hold it at the same time. now MY hand dont look good.... inpact wrench bit me
  11. face_plant

    What did you do to your WR today?

    took out fourth gear see above thread
  12. face_plant

    throttle stop????

    30 min come on guys. 2 extentions a swivel and an allen wrench. takes more time to cut it down
  13. face_plant

    05 wr 450 transmission

    so i finally get the chain slap fixed and have a noise in fourth gear...what to do? well i spend more fixing it than its worth here whats wrong. no water pump, shaft wobbled out. counter balance shaft worn. intake cam wasted exhaust cam almost wasted. 4th gear, 4th gear idler. right now i am at $1200 and counting. now for the funny paty. i havent had a water pump in 6 months and the inside of my engine is spotless. gotta love klotz synthetic
  14. face_plant

    Yeah....more Big bore questions (I searched)

    wow searched here is my deal, i am a dealer so cost isnt a huge issue. i am worried about relibility. i got 30k miles on my 05 wr450. and this will be top end #2. supermoto/commuting very little dirt. it was a little scuffed last time but not going to know til saturday. question STOCK? or NOT TO STOCK? is the question
  15. face_plant

    Please Help. Where is the hot start on 2004 yz450f?

    its on the handlebar. decomp lever. unless it has an auto decomp head