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  1. bigbluerider4life

    dna wheels

    I also bought a set for my KTM and these wheels hold their spoke tension and have been very strong for me. This is racing A class as well...
  2. bigbluerider4life

    a few cool pictures my dad took of me today

    great pics! id advise getting your elbows square and keeping your body inline with the bike and i bet those corners will become faster and easier
  3. bigbluerider4life

    Top end rebuild guide

    There is a guide like this with pics on ktmtalk...
  4. You just gotta ride one to understand what its all about! Be prepared to have an empty wallet soon after for many months...
  5. bigbluerider4life

    rad braces for 85sx or 105sx?

    www.flatlandracing.com great product!
  6. bigbluerider4life

    Beefing up my 300XCW...Suggestions??

    +1 the stock jetting is way off. put the red spring in and jet it right, you wont want more!
  7. bigbluerider4life

    Easy pull clutch lever

    Im positive my asv lever setup made my clutch pull much smoother/easier! a lot of people and friends at the races comment on how easy my clutch pull is for a cable setup...and it really adds up in a race but thats on my yamaha try that and a fresh cable and itll be golden
  8. bigbluerider4life

    Mud vs Radiator guards

    My unabikers are amazing in the mud! no packing and what does hit them will usually slide off mostly...flow much more air than my louvers ever would even clean
  9. bigbluerider4life

    I need a rubber!!

    The VE-33 is the ONLY tire i will ever run now...tried many,many combos and came to a IRC VE-33 rear and Brigestone M59 front for very mixed conditons and terrains and these 2 simply cant be beat they also wear on the slower side of the spectrum...
  10. 1.B 2.17 3.Virginia 4.2008 Yamaha YZ250F 5.I need more torque than the 250F has to offer. 6.No, A 450 is way to much bike for eastern harescramble racing.
  11. bigbluerider4life

    Radiator Braces/Cages

    UNABIKER!!! check out pics of them in my garage if u want...
  12. bigbluerider4life

    Hare Scramble Class Structure?

    check out our class structure and turnout here (give it a few seconds to get through the load pages) www.vchss.org
  13. bigbluerider4life

    Looking for some waterproof mx boots

    You should consider some medium line or up boots like gaerne...They will be much more comfortable and protective of your feet, i learned this the hard way(wearing fox trackers!) you get what you pay for with high quality boots and the more expensive boots keep water out better than lower quality stuff A double or more wrap of duct tape around the top of your boot is a mud racing trick that works very well, the insides of my boots/socks are dirt free and dry after a race when i use this method, may be something for you to try
  14. bigbluerider4life

    Ready to maim DID......Please Help!

    as stated... motion pro chain press!, no other way will work effectively
  15. bigbluerider4life

    Skid Plate

    Thumpertalk, moose, msr, and utah sportcycles skidplates are all the same thing, utah sportcycle makes them I purchased the utah sportcycle skidplate and have used it for 2 seasons now of harescramble racing and 100's of hours of riding in every type of condition and it has held up great and protected my engine countless times (pics can be seen in my garage of it but i have a YZ) Oil changes can be done with it on the bike, but it is much easier to take it off....only 4 bolts and no clamps on this model so it is very easy