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  1. Talenuf

    Tight intake valves.

    Just in case... was your engine cold when you checked the valve clearance?
  2. Talenuf


    Grips are a personal preference item. They're cheap enough to not worry to much and just pick some that you like and see how they work. If you hate em, buy another pair. Dual compounds seem to work well and have reasonable durability too.
  3. Talenuf

    Cam Chain Tensioner Broke...

    Nice pics colhogg. Thanks for sharing them. They are an excellent motivator to get a MCCT!
  4. Talenuf

    this is pretty cool

    I totally agree. Looks like the guts of a Kragen's POS I took apart at my folks house after it took a dump!
  5. Talenuf

    you guys were right about those pro-tapers

    Sounds like you just twisted the fork legs in the triple clamps. This is very common. Loosen your triple clamp bolts, stand over the front tire with it between your legs tightly, and tug on the bars until you have it all straightened out. Then retighten the clamp bolts. You should be back in business in a few mintues.
  6. Talenuf

    stock suspension springs

    I happen to have both from my '05 E that were barely used. What rates do you have now? Maybe we could trade?
  7. Talenuf

    Help, Yoshimura too loud!

    You may be right regarding the performance, but let's not forget the "bling factor"! Especially, since teacherman already has the pipe.
  8. Talenuf

    We ride tractors *Video*

    Nice hill climb. Next time see if you can do it without putting your foot down! )
  9. Talenuf

    '05 DR-Z 400S Owner's Manual

    Disregard this post. I would have deleted it, but I did not have that option.
  10. Talenuf

    54 kg/mm Shock Spring

    Anyone need a 5.4kg/mm Race Tech shock Spring cheap? Look here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/e...TRK%3AMESE%3AIT
  11. Talenuf

    Race Tech Shock Spring

    Anyone need a 5.4kg/mm Race Tech shock Spring cheap? Look here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1,1&item=280025007846&ih=018&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT
  12. Talenuf

    put the drzsm in a stunt competition, pics

    Nice work Rainman! The SM looked nice standing at attention!
  13. Talenuf

    Do I need my hotstart?

    You could slit open a short piece of small tubing and put it on the ring via the slit or just put some electrical tape on it, that should deaden any rattling sounds. Let us know what you end up doing to solve your issue.
  14. Talenuf

    What do you guys think about this rad brace?

    It'll work, the bikes are the same.
  15. Talenuf

    Do I need my hotstart?

    How about this idea: Remove the red knob completely and shorten the plunger rod enough to allow full range of motion while clearing the tank. Then drill a small hole through the end of the plunger shaft (from the top down) and place a ring through it (small key ring or similar) to act as your new handle. The ring would be able to rotate in the hole and lay flat when not in use and should be able to be pulled at enough of an angle to clear the tank when you need to use it. Hopefully, you can visualize what I'm saying here. I thik it would work fine.