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  1. nicholasd450

    2006 -2010 kx250f compatibility

    hey guys i have a 2006 kx250f and the head is cracked where the valve goes through, there is a 2010 kx250f being parted out near me, with the frame cracked, im wondering if the 2010 motor would bolt into the 06 frame, if not is it at all possible? and if not would the head from the 2010 fit on the 06 motor? thanks
  2. nicholasd450


    so... i own an 09 yz250f which is stock besides as exhaust. i recently changed my fork seals due to leaking fork seals haha and around the same time i noticed the leaking fork seals, i noticed a bit of headshake happening, it did nothing but get worse, so i changed my seals about a month or 2 after i noticed the leaking. i assumed that the headshake had something to do with the seals leaking. but now the seals are fine and the headshake is just as bad, if not worse. i have no idea whats causing it but it really takes a lot of fun out of riding. i had the EXACT same problem with my 07 yz250f, and i ended up selling it to get my 09. but right now i cant afford that. and i need to get rid of that headshake so any suggestions on whats causing it would be appreciated. also i replaced my steering head bearings, no help. and my front wheel has a little wobble that i can only notice on pavement at relatively high speeds. im not sure if that could cause it though so if any of you guys have advice on how to troubleshoot this problem, please inform me. this drives me crazy
  3. nicholasd450

    Winter riding!

    where did you get those gloves?
  4. nicholasd450

    Got the rims/spokes/hubs powdercoated black!

    it needs a blue front fender, black number plates, black fork guards, and lose that license plate and itd be perfect just my two cents
  5. nicholasd450

    Quad Tard Step Up FAIL

    i wouldnt call that a quadtard, hes trying to hit a sensible yet crazy jump and simply misjudged it... happens to the best of us, only this guy doesnt need a table top in order to fly over 40 feet like lots of you guys razzing on him, my hat is off to him, if anything
  6. nicholasd450


    i will check the sag later, how do you check fork oil level? could it possibly be because of how light the oil is in the fiork, because it almost sounds like water inside..
  7. nicholasd450


    what do you mean by preload? rebound? i greased the steering bearings and it didnt help
  8. nicholasd450


    hey, my fork seals began to leak early this year, i rode it until mid july without fixing them and never put any more oil in them. before i got them fixed i noticed a lot of headshake, figured that it was the fork seals so i got it fixed at my local yamaha dealer, i still find it has bad headshake and i dont know what it is? also, when you dont have your forks on the bike, should you be able to shake them and hear the oil slopping around inside? it sounds like there is a lot of room in there for the oil to move... thanks for the help
  9. nicholasd450

    What was yamaha thinking????????

    caliber and the pipe are always on the same side... so you are wrong, my friend but yeah the photo is reversed
  10. nicholasd450

    Some Pictures and videos from today.

    woah.. i see it too
  11. nicholasd450

    front brakes!

    your right, i filed down the lever and it works perfect now, thanks a lot
  12. nicholasd450

    front brakes!

    ^^ yeah funny you say that because i took my lever off yesterday and rode to see if it still stuck, and it didnt so i came home and grinded it off so that it isnt constantly pushing on the..(whatever that little ball looking thing is called). going to go riding now in a minute so ill definately let you know if that works, thanks a bunch dudes!