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  1. I'm still alive. Still have the 230 too, great little flat track bike. Been toying with the idea of parting it out though. Haven't had a lot of time to ride the last few years. :)
  2. heybuddy1901

    Slotted Cam Sprocket

    stock is just fine
  3. heybuddy1901

    To Part or not to part?

    dibs on the reger if you do decide to part.
  4. you got something else going on, my pumped motor turns over no problem with the stock starter/battery..
  5. heybuddy1901

    Gonna sell it.

    how much
  6. heybuddy1901


    just "XXmm piston" no brand, i would just contact JE and have them make me a custom one if you really wanted a 240cc motor, or get mikes 251 kit and be golden
  7. heybuddy1901


    if its the bbr kit then no, cheap china pistons.
  8. heybuddy1901

    Oh why did I order EBC clutch springs?

    i put barnett springs in mine, noticeably stiffer, they were spec'ed from an xr250 or 200, i cant remember now, mike coe reccomended, i am pleased with the results, same clutch on my pumped motor for 4 seasons now
  9. heybuddy1901

    2007 CRF230F Weight Loss Program

    biggest cam coeshow makes, wiseco 11:1, bbr D2 exhaust, and extensive head work... meh, idk, lol didnt notice alot, but mine was only with supermoto and slicks 100% traction most of the time. i got good starts though? lol not sure if its the flywheel or not.
  10. heybuddy1901

    2007 CRF230F Weight Loss Program

    i race (well used to) mine, throttle response increased, spun up a little quicker, but not super noticeable
  11. heybuddy1901

    2007 CRF230F Weight Loss Program

    i got 15 oz off my flywheel.. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/851358-finally-found-a-flywheel-need-input-on-weights/
  12. thats what i meant to say, ended up finding the correct part. its 0760193070 the KTM ATV cover does NOT come with this bushing, you need to order it seperate
  13. i got a fox, 1st one sold to public, so im very content
  14. i saw a racetech on ebay about 2 years ago, i think it went for $200... i shoulda nabbed it
  15. too bad fox stopped making theirs