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  1. FLMX909

    2006 CR250R opinions?

    I have an 05 and love it. I put the vforce, because it's what I put in a CR134 I have, but after some research I found that a lot of people prefer the Boyesen for added power on bottom. I also put an FMF Fatty and thought it was good, but I bent the pipe and put the stock pipe back on and the bike runs MUCH better with the stock pipe. I've had the head milled slightly to better run race gas. This is one rock solid bike and I'll only change when the wife breaks down and let me spend 12K for the Service Honda 250, or Yamaha puts the smoker motor in their updated frame, now that would have to be one bad scooter!! I bought my son an 09 YZ250 and the forks on it are the best fork I've ever ridden. The shock on the YZ isn't very adjustable, in stock trim. It needs to be revalved to really get the full performance out of it. I personally fel the CR is a better all around package than the YZ, but that's juat my preference. They are both GREAT bikes, and will serve you well.
  2. FLMX909

    what kind of 2stroke oil you use? ratios?

    I've run Motul 800 @ 40:1 with 1/2 VP110 and 1/2 pump 93 for over 4 years now with no engine siezures or crank problems. The only problems we have had engine wise is the CR125 was blowing head gaskets. The bike has been bored, ported, the head milled, and we just got too aggressive with it. We went back to a stock head, with no milling and have had no problems since. Motul 800 @ 40:1 will be plenty, I even ran this ratio in the kids supermini, which has a JM Racing modified engine in it! This is good stuff. I have a friend who runs it at 50:1 in his and his son's KTM's, and all they do is Hare Scrambles and Enduros. We race Hare Scrambles and MX, and like I said, no failures in over 4 years!! Just to be clear, all of our bikes have been jetted by my local engine builder on his dyno. He gets them jetted pretty darn good. We also haven't fouled a plug in years, not even in really dusty HS races. Hope this helps!
  3. FLMX909

    New 06 CR250

    In my 05 CR250 I put v-force3 reeds, an FMF Fatty and Q spark arrestor. Bike runs really good with this set up. I also run 1/2 VP110 with 1/2 pump 93, with Motul800 @ 40:1. I recently bent the FMF pipe and it was rubbing the fender, so I put the stock pipe back on and the bike runs much better with the stock pipe over the Fatty. I've been told by some mechanics that the bike would run better with the stocker, but never believed them until I mad the change.
  4. FLMX909

    Tell me about the 05 CR250...

    I have an 05 and I love it. The 05-07 is the exact same bike. No changes. The power is a little soft on bottom, but the mid-top end power is great. The bike handles great, and the suspension is very good. I race hare scrambles and some MX with mine. It's a great bike. I paid 3500 for mine two years ago.
  5. FLMX909

    05 CR 250 pipe...

    Thanks guys! I know the CR's a soft on bottom, but this bike is plenty fast through the mid to top. I've thought about putting the boyseen rad valve in, but never pulled the trigger on it. I don't have the Q4, just the FMF Q SA. I have to have for the hare scrambles, so I just leave it on even when we hit the MX tracks.
  6. FLMX909

    05 CR 250 pipe...

    I have an 05 CR 250 I've had for several years. As soon as I bought the bike I put an FMF Fatty pipe, v-force 3 reed cage, and FMF Q silence/spark arrestor on it. I was talking to my suspension tuner the other day, he said I'd probably get better low end from the stock pipe. I've never ridden it with the stock pipe. What do you guys who know more ablout this bikes characteristics think?
  7. FLMX909

    Role call FTR HS #1 who is going?

    We'll be there ! Jared Larson #909 Vet C Tyler Larson #11 250 B
  8. FLMX909

    Spring rates for 09 YZ250

    Thanks Doug, I was hoping you would reply!! This is Jared Larson, I just bought this bike for Tyler, he was #11 (jr on a CR125. You've done lots of work for us at FTR hare scrambles. I will be having you take a look at things at HS#1, if you're going to be there! I also will need some freshening done on my CR.
  9. I just bought my son an 09 YZ250 smoker and was wondering what the spring rates were rated for weight wise. The manual says the stock fork springs are .438 and the shock spring rate is 4.9. My son's weight varies from 126-130 without gear. Do I need to respring or are these rates OK for him? He says the bike feels great, but I want to make sure it's right for him!
  10. FLMX909

    Got a new ride this past Sat. - 09 YZ250

    I just picked up an 09 YZ 250 last night from a riding buddy who has a couple of them. $3750 with an oversized clarke tank, stock tank, Acerbis hand guards, new rear tire, spare clutch cable, pro-circuit spark arrestor, with very little time on it. He cut me a smoking deal because it's for my son! I rode it around the yard a little and it's cool. I may be seliing my 05 CR 250 and getting one of these YZ's. Coming from me that's blasphemous! I've been a die hard Honda man for many years, but I really like this bike!
  11. FLMX909

    The local YZ 250 market has caught fire

    I'm picking up a cherry 09 on Thursday with all the off road goodies, big tank, Acerbis hand guards, and Pro-circuit spark arrestor with LOW hours for $3750. It also comes with the stock tank too. This bike is practically brand new!! Too bad it's for my son and not me.
  12. FLMX909

    CR250 07 sucks

    Winner winner ...chiken dinner!!! The Rekluse Z-start Pro was the best thing I ever did to my 05 CR250!!
  13. FLMX909

    Anyone near panama city area?

    My local club (Tallahassee Trail Riders) puts on a FTR sanctioned hare scramble in Chipley (in October), which is about 30 minutes north of PC. We rode there this past weekend, and have group rides every now and then. We have some great trails on the south side of Tallahassee, in the Apalachicola National Forest. There are some riding opportunities, just might be a drive. We'll be hitting the trails in the ANF this weekend, send me a PM if you want to try to meet up and ride with the TTR group.
  14. FLMX909

    bike feels small

    I rode a friends 08 YZ250 (I ride an 05 CR250) and it felt cramped to me. I'm only 5'-7". That ahs been a common complaint that the YZ's ergonomics needs some tweeking.
  15. FLMX909

    angry MX fan speaks the truth about AMA

    The ONLY way to get 100 hours out of ANY four stroke, whether it be Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, or KTM, is to baby the thing. We race HS and MX and own all 125, 250 and a 250f, and per hour the 250f is 4 times more expensive to race and maintain. Even one of our good riding friends, whose son raced a 250f had to replace the valves half way through a 12-14 race HS season. And he took it as easy as possible, keeping the engine off the revlimiter. The only way to get close to getting a season out of a 250f is to have the copper-berillium (sp) seats and expensive valves installed, to tune of $800 vs. $400 +/- for OEM parts!! My son rings the neck on the 250f and I hate the expense. It's getting new valves, and getting sold and he'll be racing a 250 smoker! Besides, he's just as fast on his 125, and even faster on my 250 smoker. Again, the only way you're getting that kind of time is babying it, keeping it off the revlimiter, you surly aren't racing any age classes where you're racing against guys on 450's.