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  1. hurt acl again
  2. njdent

    blue diamond mx

    so is a back flip but i can't do that either
  3. njdent

    G2 throttle cam

    Is there a point when it catches up that it feels hyper? also there is one cam for a shorter turn as I am thinking of getting it for my 250f due to a wrist injury
  4. njdent

    200 Pound Plus Riders ???

    I was riding sand whoops and loam and my 06 crf450 was great! I went to a rutted out whooped out track with holes and square edges and thought it was fine until I switched bikes with a buddies 05 crf450 and his bike was soo much better. I was getting a beating. He has 1.61 ips springs and changed the oil height but to what he did not specify. It was sweet though. I will get the info and do mine and post changes.
  5. njdent

    Could you go Faster into corners?

    There ia a video that shows that in mx technique. I feel in sweepers that works awesome!
  6. njdent

    Could you go Faster into corners?

    I just installed a Revloc in my 06 crf450 and my corner speed doubled! When you focus on throttle and brakes without any chance of stalling you can fly. My favorite places to pass are off cambers, sweepers and tight 180 corners where I can slide my rear tire around and gassing it. Also on jumps you can eliminate engine braking by shifting up a gear lowering rpm to free wheeling. I keep my speed and can stay low. At my age the bubba scrub just isn't happening. For you pro's you can naturally do what the revloc does consistently but for us once a week practice and once a month racing guys It works great. I would love to see what an 18 year old with talent could do it he committed himself to an auto clutch. I think it takes you to your next level faster. It did me!
  7. so don't just change the oil by removing the cap pulling out the fork damper, you are saying remove the fork center bolt removing the damper assemble and pump out the oil? then refill the damper with ATF fluid.
  8. njdent

    blue diamond mx

    I was there this weekend all sat and sun. 2 ft ruts, Deep loam, rutted jump faces, bombed out whoops. It was awesome! The GP track is all hard packed and less tech, way faster with fork seal blowing hole and square edges. I though we were in so cal for a minute. Good thing is you stay clean but the air filter doesn't. Pick your poison. I previously ranked on some guy for saying 2006 CRF450 suspension was harsh stock. After this weekend I need to appologize as My forks were harsh as heck! My buudy has an 05 with oil viscosity and volume changes and a lighter IPS spring and it was awesome. That track is way rougher than E town ( great track) and more tech. But less like a groomed track and more like the last moto at loretta's! Ps The three table top section is sick. Some really good locals were out styling sun afternoon. That was cool. The sec I thought was tech was that triple into that super steep step up! That was sick!
  9. I would like to know specifically how a lower viscosity oil differs from less oil volume as it pertains to: bottoming resistance? Plushness? fork to diving on braking? feel? For example. If I lower the oil height with 5 wt oil vs 2.5 wt oil at the factory recommended volume?
  10. njdent

    sick ass single track

    That rocky single track looks like an ad for rekluse. I guess that's what it's for!
  11. Racing with acl reconstructed 2 months later!
  12. njdent

    The 250 X SUCKS!

    I think any bike with that dirty of an air filter will do bad things. The west is really bad as I have heard out there the stock filter is the best and those High flow filters leak dirt causing valves and pistons to fail. I am on the east coast and the dust here has larger particals so we are fine running the hi flows. In fact I change my fillter every 10 hours in the winter and it is rarely even dirty. In the summer maybe every 2 races but when I practice There is very little dust. I am moving out west to AZ so back to stock filters and constant changing!
  13. njdent

    is mx going to die????

    If I didn't know he was french. I'd of thought he was retarded! he's an F'ing Lapper!