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  1. i guess you have to put the space in between faction and mx. lol
  2. uhhh ok... why does it bleep that out? *********, faction mx.
  3. seems like you might need to be a rocket science to use it based on what i read on there site.... ? do you have to completely customize your settings or are there preset ones like the kawasaki tool?
  4. yes, clean the oil screen behind the flywheel.
  5. a mix of both? id say full custom. i saw something he did at redbud on a honda and asked him what he could do for me... thats what he came up with. he pretty much read my mind. lol. i was really pleased with them.
  6. yup, www.180decals.com does good work in quick time at a good price. the header pipe is the same size as the stocker. ( i thought they were supposed to be smaller but i guess not) havent had any problems YET. knock on wood.
  7. motosport has a 270 kit for 130 i thought.
  8. i too think the stock plastic is usually best. i use cycra sometimes.
  9. maybe he just wants to get some info on different bikes before he spends his fortune on a new toy. anyways, i just got off a 07 crf450. bought the kx450 this week, going to ride tomorrow. ill let you know what i think then, but from what ive gathered breaking it in this week, it sits kind of high compaired to my honda. so if your short, might want to sit on one at the dealer first and see if you can touch, im 5'6" and i can barely touch on both tippy toes. the front tire seems fine to me so far, ill see once i get on loam, as i only rode on hard pack so far. seems that people like to make stupid excusses when they cant corner. the suspension is really stiff. not a problem to me, as i get all my bikes suspension redone, as most other people do also. throttle response is unreal. kawi tuning software is also a nice treat. its alot slimmer than my honda which is really nice. its 09 man, any bike is going to be really good these days.
  10. maybe if you were running 3rd overall this wouldnt of happened.
  11. yo ho howorks... what kind of backgrounds do you have?
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