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  1. Hey i cant really seem to find colored rad hoses for my 07 kx250, everything i find is only made for the 4 strokes..
  2. Crkid85

    07 kx250 clutch question

    So something like this and ill be on my way?... http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/vehicleSelectProd.do?prevVehicleType=2&prevMake=2&prevModel=317&keyword=&vehicleTypeId=2&make=2&model=317&applyFilter=Change+Vehicle&year=2007&navTitle=Engine&navType=type&webCatId=17&webTypeId=38&prodFamilyId=3012&stockId=&listingId=&uri=%2FproductDetail.do
  3. Crkid85

    07 kx250 clutch question

    I just picked up a new(to me) 2007 kx250. When i got the bike the clutch lever had absolutely no freeplay, so i adjusted it so there's about 1/8"-1/4" of play, and i don't know if this is normal or not, but with the bike off, and i put it in gear and pull in the clutch, the bike acts like it is still in gear. I cant roll it around, is this normal? Also i was at the dealership today looking at bikes and every bike i sat on the clutch lever was easy to pull, on my bike it is much harder to pull the lever. That was on 4-strokes though, i don't know if that makes a difference. Any help would be great, thank you
  4. Crkid85

    Too tall for 125?

    okay thanks for the responses
  5. Hey yall, I'm about 6'1"...will i be to tall for a 125? I always thought the only difference between 125/250's were the motor...am i wrong? Thanks
  6. Hi have a blown up kx450f and i was wondering if a kawi 250 2 stroke motor will fit in that frame? Thanks
  7. Crkid85

    250 2 stroke in a 450f frame?

    Hi have a blown up kx450f and i was wondering if a kawi 250 2 stroke motor will fit in that frame? Thanks
  8. Well, the wheel bearings are shot on my cr85 and i need help with getting them out. Is it possible without any special tools? thanks
  9. ok well i fixed it...heres what i did...i took the hose off where it connects to the caliper and kept pumping the lever.after about 30 pumps, i tightened the bolt back up and i filled the resi with fluid and startd pumping away...after about 30 more pumps i started to feel sumthin in the lever. Lever was still soft so i went through with bleeding the brakes like you guys said and now the lever is perfect feeling. Thanks guys.
  10. the lever right now as absoutly no feel to it...it goes straight to the bars
  11. do i take the bleeder screw all the way out each time...or just about 1 turn out?
  12. im having a hard time with the bleeder screw..when the lever is down to the bars and i loosen the bleeder screw...a little to no fluid comes out and then nothing. Should the fluid just constantly pour out? Thanks to everyone for helpin me.
  13. ok ok,,,,so what should i do now? IM kinda stuck