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  1. Rosstopher

    Anyone make a black tank?

    Check this out: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=611365
  2. Rosstopher

    Helmet Lights

    Can that round watertight connector that Trailtech use rip apart without damage?
  3. Rosstopher

    Helmet Lights

    Thanks guys. Those Niterider kits look awesome, we're on a bit of a budget though so unfortunately HID kits are out. I think I've got a plan though based on the Cyclops kit.
  4. Rosstopher

    Helmet Lights

    After a whole winter of riding around in the dark, my friend and I have finally got around to making some helmet lights. My question is to all the guys who are running helmet lights; How do you connect them to your bike? I'm on and off of mine all the time when we're on the trails, either dragging my bike over obstacles, opening gates, or just falling off (mostly), making being tethered to my bike a slight nusiance. I've only seen these lights on enduro racers and mountain bikers, both of whom carry batteries in their backpacks instead. Not completely against the idea of doing this, but most people don't get more than 1 1/2hrs for a battery and it would just be nicer if I could tap into the bike and have unlimited power. Any ideas?
  5. Rosstopher

    Kicker Lighting

    Where in Devon are you? I'm in North Cornwall, nr Launceston. Pretty sure that I've still got my old cable. If you want it I'll have a rummage in the shed and see.
  6. Rosstopher

    Kicker Lighting

    I'm pretty sure that it's this one: http://fiche.ronayers.com/Index.cfm/Module/Main/TypeID/26/Type/Motorcycle/MakeID/2/Make/Suzuki/YearID/42/Year/2001/ModelID/7209/Model/DR-Z400/GroupID/312784/Group/FRONT_FENDER_MODEL_Y_K1#shareandsave http://fiche.ronayers.com/Index.cfm/Module/Main/TypeID/26/Type/Motorcycle/MakeID/2/Make/Suzuki/YearID/42/Year/2001/ModelID/7209/Model/DR-Z400/GroupID/312710/Group/HEADLAMP_MODEL_Y_K1 It's only held on with rubber straps, I think the S one has a solid bracket:excuseme: .
  7. Rosstopher

    Kicker Lighting

    Is it the same as this one? I ride heaps at night and it does the job fine.
  8. Got it from www.racespec.co.uk, it is cheaper here. Yeah, I'd recommend it. As soon as I moved the needle down a clip I couldn't tell the difference, except that small children didn't cry if I rode past anymore!
  9. Rosstopher

    Db dawg

    Apologies if anyone's read this already. I posted it today in a thread from a few days ago, just to finish it off really. European spec 'E' exhaust was way too loud for tearing around my local trails, especially because we've been riding a lot at night lately, and no-one likes being woken up by dirtbikes!. Far louder than any of the guys that I ride with. Fitted a Db Dawg this afternoon in the hope of taking a bit of the edge off of it. Can't recommend it enough! Plugged it in and gave it a quick test blast around the track, sound levels were way down and it completely removed the really low-frequency exhaust note (the one that carries for miles). Power was a little down right through the range so I followed the recommendation and dropped the needle one clip. Power levels feel right back to where they were and it runs perfectly again. Taken it out for a solid blast tonight and I really can't tell the difference, except that I can hear things other than my roaring exhaust.
  10. DB Dawg has just arrived. Plugged it in and have just been for a quick blast around the track. Definate reduction in noise. Seems to have taken out the really low frequency note which is the one that carries for miles. Slightly disappointing actually, I really love the noise my bike used to make. Much much quieter on tickover too. Power-wise it has scrubbed a little bit off, nothing drastic, but I think all I need to do is move the needle down a clip and I should get some of it back.
  11. Rosstopher

    Kicker Lighting

    ^^^That is f@#+ing awesome!! $625 for the Baja Designs kicker version though, that's a lot of money.
  12. Rosstopher

    Kicker Lighting

    Might be worth trying to get one of the original Suzuki units, I'm fairly happy with mine. It's not amazing, but it is usuable. At road speeds though it feels a bit like riding by torchlight, it definately doesn't shine far enough ahead for my thinking time. There was a guy on here the other day who'd done a handsome job with a big round headlight. Could be a good excuse to try something like that.
  13. The mesh is to stop sparks coming out. I've had to pack my exhaust with steel wool like jhondius's before to get it through my MOT test. The American one has a series of chambers to quieten things down. I'll let you know how the Db Dawg does.
  14. Don't know about the other guys, but most of my riding is on trails, green lanes and private tracks. My DRZ is easily the noisiest thing I've ridden with and sometimes it gets a bit antisocial. I love the noise it makes, but I get the feeling that the general public aren't so keen. I'm willing to trade a little bit of power for the sake of keeping trails open.
  15. 8001 (35-40mm) is the way to go. Mine's way too loud too. I've just ordered one, if you can wait a week or so, I'll post the results.