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    off-road/woods riding, wrenching the bikes, designing/making custom pieces
    Graduated with a degree in Biomedical Technologies in 2012. Major career change, but it's been good!

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  1. No need to over-complicate it.
  2. sonobob

    Gas cap tank vents

  3. I once considered doing mine upside down, so people could tell it was me laying inverted in the ditch with the bike on top of me....
  4. The one I use now. Don't know if it's available any longer, but it's really versatile and protective. The built in backpack (which is removable) is very handy. The only negative I have with it is the fact that when the hydro bladder is full, it causes the front to creep up, at times threatening to choke me. I'm going to figure out a lower front strap that will attach to my ride pants somehow, to prevent the creep.
  5. HELL YES. The last time I rode the Hatfield-McCoy system in WV, my front end folded on a greasy hard right uphill turn. I came down hard on a bowling ball size rock, center mass. It hurt like hell for the rest of the day, but had I not been wearing my chest protector, I wouldn't have ridden out that day. Roost is child's play compared to what you will slam into in the woods. Protect yourself.
  6. sonobob

    kx250 to crf250 wheel swap

    I don't think it would be a quick swap from bike to bike. You're surely looking at lacing the Kawi rims onto the Honda hubs and spokes - assuming the spoke count is the same for both bikes.
  7. sonobob

    Gutz seat foam choices

    Got it. Just wondered if it was an ergonomics thing. I agree with YHGEORGE. Give them a call, eliminate the guessing and deal with facts.
  8. sonobob

    Gutz seat foam choices

    First things first. Why did you shave your seat?
  9. sonobob

    Woods riding, Anyone using Sidi x3's

    I have a pair of Alpinestar Tech 8s that I love, the protect extremely well, work great, fit great, but dammit, they take on water like the Titanic. I have plugged the air intakes with elastomeric caulk and still, all water crossings soak my feet. I bought them new, they are in good condition and have no tears in the gaitors or separations in the seams. Of the two links you provided, I would personally be leaning toward the Formas, simply because of the soles. I am familiar with the Forma name, but have no clue if they're good quality/protection. But the traction of the sole would be worth it's weight in gold in the middle of a forest. Two words. Due diligence.
  10. sonobob

    Best Bike Cleaner ??

    Yes. Try it, you'll be amazed.
  11. sonobob

    Best Bike Cleaner ??

    I didn't have an operational compressor at the time of my post, and possibly already had a beer or 20...but yes, agreed
  12. sonobob

    Best Bike Cleaner ??

    Ditto that. 1. Spray bike with water hose, knocking off larger chunks of mud 2. Spray bike with Shout laundry pre-cleaner. 3. Kick back and have a beer. 4. Spray bike with water hose. 5. Kick back and have another beer while enjoying the look of your shiny clean bike. 6. What the hell. Have another beer.
  13. sonobob

    Best way of shaving a seat down

    In the past, when I had my old VF1000R street bike, I used a hand held 1 inch belt sander. Worked like a dream, smooth as buttahhhhhh
  14. It looks like a vent tube off the carb that is supposed to have that end split. It hangs down below the swingarm and that split helps prevent it from getting plugged with mud/debris and potentially siphoning water to some extent, I suppose. If it's leaking fuel from the carb-with or without that tube, you probably have a stuck or mis-adjusted float, or something along those lines.
  15. sonobob

    TMV Flywheel?

    Any end user opinions on the TMV flywheel weights? Does anyone also know if a flywheel puller is required? Since the TMV is a bolt on, I'm a bit confused...ok...that's normal for me, but...