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  1. Rickzz

    Post pics of your 250!

    I used http://www.jvlmxpart...r-kit-ktm-2013/ to make the front fender and numberplate fit. You will also need to buy and cut the '13 airbox covers on both sides (left one for correct fit and right one because your shock likes to eat plastic ). Everything else bolts right up!
  2. Rickzz

    Who will be KTMs Lites rider next year

    Herlings wants to ride MX2 GP's next year if they change the rule that says you can only defend your title once. If he's forced to move he prefers to ride MX1 GP's over riding in the US because he has only practiced SX once. If he's gonna ride MX1 GP's next year he'll stay under the MX2 factory team tent because they don't want Cairoli and him on the same team competing for the world title.
  3. Rickzz

    Post pics of your 250!

    2011 250SX with the 2013 plastics. It also has a Doma pipe and silencer. Does anyone know a good place to get graphics for just the shrouds?
  4. Rickzz

    93' KX250 Rebuild Project (Amateur Rebuild)

    Looks like the forks are bent, or is that just the picture? Looking at the shift lever I wouldn't be surprised if the gearbox needed some work as well. Good luck!
  5. Billy MacKenzie landed on Tanel Leok today on a quad jump during the GP of England. They were both transported to the hospital and the race was red flagged.
  6. Rickzz

    MXDN 2011 Teams

    Team New Zealand: MX2: Johnny Philips MX1: Joel Doeksen Open: Kieran Scheele Too bad Townley and Coppins aren't riding..
  7. Rickzz

    MXDN 2011 Teams

    Harri Kullas is fast! I was riding at Lommel when he was there in April and he passed me like I was standing still.
  8. Rickzz

    MXDN 2011 Teams

    Herlings beat everyone today and won 3 motos. It was his first race on a (Everts') 350. Looks really smooth on the bike too.
  9. Rickzz

    MXDN 2011 Teams

    Desalle is out for the season after hurting his shoulder today in the Belgian championship. (Which also means Cairoli will be world champion again this year..) De Dycker will probably replace him.
  10. Rickzz

    MXDN 2011 Teams

    Team Belgium just confirmed: MX2: Jeremy van Horebeek MX1: Kevin Strijbos Open: Clement Desalle Kevin Strijbos is quite surprising because he hasn't had a great season so far, but is doing better on a factory Suzuki. Probably has to do with De Dycker's injury.
  11. Rickzz

    MXDN 2011 Teams

    These teams are official, Team Belgium should be announced today: For MX2 I think it's gonna be van Horebeek or Roelants, Roelants is consistant but van Horebeek is faster. MX1 will be Clement Desalle and Open probably Ken de Dycker.
  12. Rickzz

    MXDN 2011 Teams

    Team Netherlands: MX2: Donny Bastemeijer MX1: Marc de Reuver Open: Jeffrey Herlings Team France: MX2: Marvin Musquin MX1: Steven Frossard Open: Gautier Paulin Team Denmark: MX2: Stefan Kjer Olsen MX1: Nicolai M Hansen Open: Nikolaj Larsen Team Great Britain: MX2: Dean Wilson MX1: Brad Anderson Open: Tommy Searle Team Thailand: MX2: Jugkrit Suksripaisan MX1: Atison Ruadreo Open: Trakan Thangthong
  13. Rickzz

    Herlings at Southwick?

    Herlings won't be riding at Southwick because he still has a slight chance to become MX2 world champ. I think Herlings is happy finishing 2nd behind Roczen in his first full season. Next year is going to be his year when Roczen moves to the US.
  14. Some great footage, especially the first moto where 125's and 500's race together. 125/500 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEzhJyk6lA0 125/250 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8T0ysm-MAzE&feature=related 250/500 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZsUAShE3YI&feature=related