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  1. Just wondering if the quality is very good or not. Got notification that it has shipped, but haven't seen it yet.
  2. spacenut

    Stock bar end weights

    They do help the rear vision and they remove easy for off-road.
  3. Thanks again Bryan!! We owe you. Hey Neil get another DRZ we would miss you around here.
  4. spacenut

    *Blue*Blue*Blue*Blue*Blue*Blue*Blue*Blue*Blue* Drzs

    I'm In! Just ordered this morning sorry I'm late but its winter here and I bought a new Jeep so I've been hanging at those forums...Thanks again Bryan looks like we may make it!!!!
  5. spacenut

    Green Plastics

    I too like the looks of the green, but I have heard that it slows the bike down...
  6. spacenut

    Anyone still have a stock DRZ?

    I too enjoy my stock DRZ. Have done some of the free mods and some cosmetic stuff but thats about it. It is a really fun bike just the way Zuki delivers it.
  7. spacenut

    DRZ Blue Plastic Part III

    If we are a bit short maybe the TT store can put a few on there shelf:excuseme:
  8. spacenut

    What you need to know about oil....

    WD-40 inside and out...it is the same as 10-40 isn't it?
  9. spacenut

    Hello from Iraq

    Thank You very much for defending our freedom...I support God, our president and our troops!
  10. spacenut

    AMR monster coil

    I'll bet...I would love a Gen2 truck to go with the Gen1:worthy:
  11. spacenut

    AMR monster coil

    Yes, but not much I'm spacenut there too. Black 1993 bone stock low miles.
  12. spacenut

    AMR monster coil

    Sorry to bump the thread ..is that a lightning pick-up you have Eddie..I have a 1993.
  13. I bought the Suzuki rear rack which hasthe toolkit holder and then remounted my tool bag behind that to carry bungy net and gloves etc. in.
  14. spacenut

    Help with unabiker installation please

    not sure what the difference would be from my 06S but mine went on fine. You have to move them around b4 you tighten anything to get everything just so. Yes they do fit tight against the rad hose but its not a sharp edge so they should be fine.
  15. spacenut

    Clear t.s. lens?????? drz

    Bought a pair on ebay for the front of my 06S. If you get the lens you will need to buy amber bulbs and the bulbs from an SM won't fit in the orange lensed socket oddly enough.