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  1. H4L

    2003 CR250 with 2004 forks

    As you can see the spacing portion of the bracket is closer on the 04-07 that bolts onto the fork leg. The spacing bolt pattern on the brake caliper assy. itself is the same from 02-07 to the bracket.
  2. H4L

    2003 CR250 with 2004 forks

    Yes. As I mentioned above the 02-03 brake assembly will work with the 04-07 oem frt. caliper bracket.
  3. H4L

    2003 CR250 with 2004 forks

    In this case it sounds like you're trying to customize with an aftermarket part. I'd suggest contacting Galfer & speaking with one of their techs for direction on which correct part # to order.
  4. H4L

    04 cr250 intake boot issues

    The 04-07 CR2's had the same oem mikuni tmx tps carb. It's the shorter version tmx so I'd expect the dimensions to be the same on the air boot & should bolt on. Honda could have made an improvement or changed the manufacturer of the air boot maker on the 05-07 & that's why it probably has a different part # to the 04 model. My bad - I was in a hurry to go to work yesterday morning & I didn't pay attention to what boot the OP asked the question about. I thought he was asking about the airboot that goes to the airbox. The intake boot is known as the intake manifold - that's why I didn't catch it. On the intake boots they're different as cmjb noted..
  5. H4L

    2003 CR250 with 2004 forks

    The wheels are the same it's the frt. brake area that had changes on the 04+. Honda also moved the frt. axle 2mm back if I recall for improved turning characteristics.
  6. H4L

    2003 CR250 with 2004 forks

    This is correct. Honda changed the caliper bracket on the 04-07 models & differ from the 02-03 models. The bolt pattern is spaced closer together (or spaced farther apart) that bolts on the fork leg if I recall without going out to my garage to have a look. The 02-03 brake assembly will bolt onto the 04-07 brake caliper bracket. Found out the hard way about 10 yrs. ago when swapping 07 CR250r forks on an 03 CR2 model.
  7. Have owned some of the older CRF450r's (05, 06, 08, 09 &10) as well with having an 18 model now. I don't see a drop off in quality or durability. 30 hrs. for an oem clutch is average unless you're a beginner / novice. 100 hrs. on a topend is pushing it unless as stated above ^^.. These are considered F1 race bikes in comparison to the old school XR models.. So yeah they will need / require maintenance intervals or depending how hard you're on the equip.. Honda has stepped up their game & personally think that the 450's have gotten better with each generation.
  8. H4L

    06 Crf450 Grudge Bike

    I thought we were talking 450cc.. What CC displacement would that put the engine at ? Also I wouldn't leave the bottom end stock as it would put a lot of stress @ 14:4 comp.. I would think the longevity & durability of the engine will dramatically decrease with that kind of aftermarket topend.
  9. H4L

    06 Crf450 Grudge Bike

    Yup. I was talking more about the 05-08 carbed models that you referred to as making 60+ ? The fastest 450 ridden to date was a 2011 CRF450r making aprox. 62hp atrw with a Yoshimura stage 3 engine package. That was a reliable engine package from a local racer that paid around $3,500 from what I remember. An 18 owned is not far off with just a Yosh RS9 complete Ti system & a Vortex ign..
  10. H4L

    06 Crf450 Grudge Bike

    From what I recall when I owned 05, 06 & 08 carbed models they were capable of making about 55 hp atrw, but don't recall seeing any making 60+. Since they dynoed at 48-50 in stock form I'd think getting 60+ would really decrease longevity of the engine rebuild intervals ? I don't think the factory 450's of that era were making that kind of power (60+) ? The 09+ efi engines were easier to extract 60 hp due to the new head configuration of the ports ? They also made that power without sacrificing longevity of the engine components. Please advise if my memory is off.
  11. H4L

    02-07 cr250r engine in a crf frame

    It can be done with some fab work. I haven't seen a 250 2t engine transplant, but have seen quite a few CR500 engine transplants in the 02-08 CRF frames. Owned 05, 06 & 08 CRF450r's & felt they handled good, but didn't turn very well vs. 09+ models also owned. Good luck on your build.
  12. H4L

    2003 CR250 cylinder conversion (2004)

    Yes. It will work. Make sure to use the 04 PV's. The 04 also came with it's own head, but I believe the 02-03 head can be used since the 02-04 use the same piston.
  13. H4L

    02-07 cr250r engine in a crf frame

    The early 02-08 crf frames were not very good when it came to turning. I have an 07 CR250r oem frame that was bought new through ebay that has no vin# or title. Also have good 07 CR250r suspension for it done by Graeme Brough. Send me a pm if you're interested. The frame has about 10 hrs. of use.
  14. Interesting to see my local Honda dealer parts schematic now shows 3 options with the same part #'s in each yr. (09-12) for the link. 09-12 CRF450r models: 52479-MEN-A30 " - " -A50 " - " -A60
  15. They changed every year from 09-12. Had 09-10 models. 2) Shock linkage. There is another all-new shock linkage for 2012. This is the third rising-rate change in the four-year history of this version of the CRF450. Additionally, the chain roller has been changed to work with the new swingarm angle. A: The 2012 CRF450 shock is unchanged from 2011, but it works differently because it is attached to a totally new rising-rate linkage. The new rising rate, achieved by a reconfigured bell crank and pull rods, is softer across the board than last year’s all-new bell crank and pull rods, which were stiffer across the board than the 2010 rising-rate system. The 2012 setup is closer to the 2010 curve than the 2011 rate. On the plus side, the new link lowers the rear of the bike by 5mm. https://motocrossactionmag.com/mxas-2012-honda-crf450-motocross-test-they-hired-new-test-riders-for-2012/