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  1. Toadyfatz

    Ok to run with end cap off?

    Do you ride in the woods? It will not hurt anything on the bike as far as I know, but imo you should have some type of spark arrestor in place. I would not be able to stand how it looks not having any endcap on my bike, but thats me.
  2. Toadyfatz

    Scariest Moment on your DRZ

    I just might have this one won. It was my first day on the 01 S (it had been 15+ years since my dirt bike days) and I had just got my tag/insurance etc... and was just cruising some back roads (I should of stayed off-road for a few days) and I go to make a right turn and for some reason I pull the clutch in and gear it down all the way to 1st and then let the clutch out in the turn and the bike jumps which makes me accidentally pull the throttle to wide open and I go straight into a wheely and I wheely straight into a Ford full size Crew Cab truck and just miss the drivers side window with the front tire. I busted out the crew cab window and slid down the entire side of the truck and went straight to the pavement. I got very lucky and didn't hurt anyone in the truck, but I did manage to somehow slice my nose right in half and bust up my left leg pretty bad. Here is the best part, the ladie I hit was a motorcycle instructor and has been riding harleys for 20+years. She thought I was on an offroad bike and helps me put the bike in her truck and takes me straight to the ER. I ended up getting my nose stitched back together (luckily it was a very clean cut) and just paying for her truck damage out of pocket with no cops or insurance involved and the DRZ only had a cracked side case. Thats been a couple years now and knock on wood I've had zero other problems since.
  3. Toadyfatz

    Oil Capacity on 06 Drz 400S

    I believe they are all 1.9. I know a bunch of people just put in 2 and ride. To read the dipstick you should run the bike for 3 minutes then turn off and let it sit for 3 minutes and then check it.
  4. Toadyfatz


    mine is about to hit 5000 miles and I have the mcct and it sounds like this one, but I hear it is normal: Is this similar to what your hearing?
  5. Toadyfatz

    Shift Lever For DRZ400!?!

    Yeah, I have also be running the PitPosse/Outlaw shifter for about 6 months now. I have no problems with it at all.
  6. Toadyfatz

    Weird noise

    Mine has the same ticking sound. Not sure if it is normal, but I just figured it is from what I've read around here.
  7. Toadyfatz

    Riding with a Noisy Cam Chain?

    Why would you want to risk damaging your bike just for one weekend of riding? I would listen to Eddie and if you can't get it fixed just accept the fact that your not going to get to ride. Life goes on.
  8. Toadyfatz

    Does anyone ride offroad anymore?

    I ride mine offroad at least 60% of the time. It does just fine, but the downside for me is I only weigh 150 and this bike is a bit of a beast in the woods esp. when it (you) goes down. A nice long day of riding in tight trails and it will give you a nice workout, but it really is a go almost anywhere bike!! One day I'm going to invest in a just off road 250 or something to take to the riding parks etc... I will always keep my drz400s, there is nothing like taking off on your dirtbike down the street!!
  9. Toadyfatz

    FCR or Yoshi RS-3 first for DRZ400SM

    I believe and agree with some really respected TT'ers that seem to agree that the FCR is the right choice if you can only get one at the moment.
  10. Toadyfatz

    Gas Mileage on the street- what do you get?

    I have an 01S with FCR and 13/47 gearing and I hit reserve at around 65 miles:thumbsdn: I never go over 55 and take back roads to the trails, but with my gearing my bike is ripping through some gas.
  11. Toadyfatz

    Wrong FMFQ2?

    Wow! For just a bit more you can almost get a full muzzy or SS Yosh for that cost. I know it was most likely cheaper at TT, but still. I'm sure you are going for a quieter pipe though. Good luck with your issue.
  12. Toadyfatz

    Front Tire Suggestion/Terraflex

    Also for the soft sand and mud the MT44 looks quite nice also. Good luck!
  13. Toadyfatz

    Front Tire Suggestion/Terraflex

    Take a look at the pirelli MT16 front tire. It so happens to be DOT, but quite aggressive at the same time. I think a lot of Pirelli's front tires are DOT. I've had one on my bike now for about 1500 and seems to be a great tire. Do a search on TT and read what some folks say about them. I ride the pavement a good bit from trail to trail and it does fine for me on the road. http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&priceRange=allPrices&navTitle=Tires+and+Wheels&webTypeId=139&webCatId=8&brandId=204&prodFamilyId=3520
  14. Toadyfatz

    Fcr carb questions

    Order your extended fuel screw from Jesse. Many happy customers. You will have to call to place your order. You will want the screw on the bottom of this page: http://www.kientech.com/ExtendedFuelScrews.htm
  15. Toadyfatz

    drz e air box mod how

    Here is a good place to start. Always look at the top of the main page under commonly asked questions. Edit: Just saw you are have an E. Remove snorkel and rejet. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=378193&highlight=master+3x3