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  1. Rudydog

    Whats with this YZ250

    I found this on the Tech-Care Suspension website today. Look at the2013 YZ250. Whats the deal ?http://www.tech-care.com/consignment.php
  2. Fun.........lotsa fun, all of them angles on the bike are great, the 2stroke makes it sound even better. You talk funny though,...... are you from Canada?
  3. Rudydog

    250F fork vs 250 valving

    My '07 YZ250 I bought, used from a 200 pounder is sprung to stiff for me a 165 pounder. A buddy whose '07 250f is out of comission offered to let me borrow his forks for a while, it's a stock sprung and valved set. My question is, how different are these forks from a stock '07 2 stroke YZ? I know the springs are the same, but what about the valving?
  4. Rudydog

    Pipe interchangability

    Will an '02 YZ250 pipe fit on my '07 YZ250? What kind of difference is there between the two stock pipes, power wise and where the power is at? Or are they basically the same? Thanks.
  5. Rudydog

    Thanks Yamaha!!

    No, because most people get rid of a bike and get a new one because the old one is worn out. Besides I thought it was the YZ125 that had the shift stop bearing failures.
  6. Rudydog

    Thanks Yamaha!!

    I bought an '07 and it had the same problem. It was Woods raced since new. One of the little ball bearings went throught the primary gear and messed it up a little. Every time I rode it and changed the oil I had metal shavings on the magnetic drain plug, finally I had enough and swapped out the motor from my '05 that I had practically since new. The '05 motor is still going strong, and I told the dude that bought the '05 with the '07 motor why I swapped and he bought it anyways. I will never buy a used race bike again.
  7. Rudydog

    seat strap

    I made mine out of a piece of tie down strap, and it's blue. I cut it to the length I wanted and singed the edges with a propane torch to keep it from fraying. Then I heated up a 5\16th piece of round stock (a bolt will do) and burned a hole on each end for mounting at the seat mounts. It works great I've been riding and racing harescrambles with it for years, works great. Save yourself $25.
  8. Rudydog

    Girl stays low on jump

    COLD, but very funny. Maybe she stopped to pick up a nickel, or kiss a toad. Man if only I had a picture like that of one of my daughters I'd post it all over here too.
  9. Rudydog

    Silencer question

    I have a '07 YZ250 thats stock except for a 13 oz. flywheel and a Gnarly pipe. I've raced Michigan Harescrambles all year with an FMF turbinecore 2 silencer, but switched back to the stocker for the last race. I noticed (or at least thought I did) that the bike seems to pull longer. Could this be true or am I just imagining it? This last race had some wide open long staights. I thought that you get more top-end out of longer silencers. What case is true. I have 3 silencers a stocker the turbinecore 2 and The Q silencer, the Q being the longest by far.
  10. Rudydog

    Joshua Strang - spoiler

    Kallib Russell was there to, but didn't qualify.
  11. Rudydog


    Robert Kraft on the list for Budds Creek is trying to qualify a KX250 2t in the 450 class. No big claims, just a racer going for it.
  12. Men don't get new outfits. Men get new gear. Your Man card has temporarily been revoked.
  13. Rudydog

    rear brake wont bleed

    I just went through this with my '07 and last week with a buddy's CR250. I got the advice here on TT. Take off the MC and hang it up above the caliper. I hung mine from the silencer, remove the cap and open up the bleeder. Keep adding fluid and let it drain and drain some more. I did this for 20 or more minutes. When you have a huge oily mess you can tighten up the bleeder and re-install the MC. Now you can bleed it. Remember to barely open the bleeder while you hold the pedal down, it's not as easy as bleeding a car. This worked for both bikes. Good luck.
  14. It's time for a new clutch, what brand do you guys think I should buy. Barnett, EBC or other.
  15. Rudydog

    ims clarke pictures yz250 05 up please

    Wow, that thing looks yellow. Mine looks nice, I think, alot nicer than the Clarke that was on it. The IMS seems to stay nicer longer. If you don't clean them often they get a nasty $zhit stain look to them.