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  1. cammeddr-z

    2007 WR450 supermoto fork guards?

    they usually do
  2. cammeddr-z

    96 rm 125 and rm250 frames interchange?

    i had to cut-out the horizntal cross-brace that runs under the tank entirely to fut the taller 250 motor into the frame, also i had to move motor mounts, the muffler mounting tab is in a different place on the subframe too
  3. i am the president of that club........
  4. cammeddr-z

    Is it possible to buy a used RMZ450 engine?

    about a year ago i put an lt-r 450 motor into an 06 rm-z frame, the guy i did it for blew up his motor (crank through the cases, tore up the head it was ugly)he wanted an electric start and a lighting stator so we put the rm-z carb on it, cut off the mounting tabs, and had them welded back to the frame in the correct place. the rm-z exhaust just needed a little tweaking to work too just a though, it was still a fair amount of work, (starter motor had a couple clearance issues too ) but it was cool after it was done
  5. no i meant the plastic hose-type clamps that hold the boots onto the forks like $4 new from the dealer also i have a set of 45mm showa inverted forks/clamps and a set of 47mm showa inverteds/clamps kicking around........
  6. cammeddr-z

    Sumo wr250f *finished*

    this makes me want to get home to take some pics of my rm250 with a gsx-r front-end
  7. order dr-z400 fork boots they are the exact same forks as a 1998 rm250 which is 49mm showa conventional forks, and the clamps that hold them on so that you can run a newer style front number plate 500xc didn't you swap dr-z forks onto your 1998 a while back? they had the boots on them right? the only difference between the two is the dr-z forks are sprung to .440 kg/nm and the 1998rm250 is sprung to .420 kg/mm
  8. cammeddr-z

    Any nice pics of an 89-91 rm125?

    here i went and re-activated my photobucket account so the images on the later pages will appear http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=606585&highlight=pics
  9. cammeddr-z

    Stators have legs!

    you are like a week too late, i just sold another guy on this forum my stock suzuki stator for $75
  10. cammeddr-z

    lighting stator

    how does a 35 amp light vary from a 35 watt light?
  11. cammeddr-z

    RM 250 Supermoto conversion? HELP!!!

    warp9 wheels, i am a dealer for them, and i have 2 supermotard rm250's in this pic is a front wheel from my dr-z400 (if you look closely you will see the speedo-drive tabs on the hub but i put a seal and spacer from the other side to eliminate the speedo), the dr-z rear is is inches too wide, the fronts are interchangeable with rm's back to 1989, and dr-z's, as well as yamaha's from 1998-on, but the rears are different from 2001-present any questions i am happy to help
  12. cammeddr-z

    Which color rear fender? **pics**

    the black will look awesome with that fender graphic
  13. cammeddr-z

    Any nice pics of an 89-91 rm125?

    here is an "idea of how to make it look" this is my 1991 rm125 http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=606585&highlight=pics
  14. firstchoicegraphix@hotmail.com tell him "robb from the edge sent you"
  15. cammeddr-z

    02 rm250 rear wheel swap

    89-98 rm's, and rm-x's for sure, on my 1991 i took a newer 01+ style rear and axle, and just opened up the swingarm, and brake caliper to accomodate the bigger axle so that all of my wheels interchange on all of my bikes, the only differences is that the 01+ has a larger axle, besides that the hubs, the spocket spacing, and brake disk spacing are are the same