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  1. mario590

    2007 Crf150r

    it doesnt look that special lol
  2. mario590

    Quick, Easy 125 2 Stroke Questions

    to be honest, ive neever herd of running 28:1 lool
  3. mario590

    Quick, Easy 125 2 Stroke Questions

    i was thinkin that to, 28:1 is a littel lean eh?
  4. mario590

    not for the faint of heart

    if he was im sure they didnt make a whoel lot of difference
  5. mario590

    Pics of me.

  6. mario590

    Roost Shots!!.... Lets See Them!

    sweet shots man a lil blurry but stil cool
  7. mario590

    Looks like its the end of Honda

    stil cant believe theyre discntinuing them
  8. mario590

    Quick, Easy 125 2 Stroke Questions

    32:1 premix, that means 4 oz. of oil to every gallon of gas, always run the highest octane gas at the pump. when mixing, use a dark color of oil that way when you shake it up you can pour a little out to see if the gas has a darker tint to it, that means its mixed, but shake for about a min. or so, also when warming it up. just get it kicked over and barley play with throttle for a bout 30. seconds, then gradually increase the throttle, you will notice that if you rev it to high to quick it sounds muffled but after a few seconds it evens out and sounds normal again, when you Can go thru the whole thing, from no throttle to about 1/2 trottel without any sputtering or muffled sounds the bike is ready to go
  9. mario590

    tall seat or footpegs?

    thats a good question, becasue i think with a taller seat your going tohave less of a chance for the bike to react differently, becasue your higer up, but with teh foot pegs it will impact much differently becasue you are always on teh pegs where your susally not sitting am it right?
  10. mario590

    Torn, 250F or 450F

    dont get the 450, just bore out the 250
  11. mario590

    Looks like its the end of Honda

    hopefully yamaha doesnt follow suit
  12. never ridden a full size thumper, but ive herd that they 1. cost a shitload in matinence 2.are easyier to ride 3.arent all that great taht they are cracked up to be so idk........
  13. mario590

    hehe...broken things

    yeah right after the ball, make a little notch on the top and bottom, that way it only breaks it off at that part, works every time, but make sure the levers are far enuf in
  14. mario590

    Looks like its the end of Honda

    god damnit, we smoker boys are dropping like god damn fly's we need to do something, like develop thumers so there more relable like smokers, KEEP THE BRAAAAP ALIVE BOYS!!!
  15. mario590

    yamaha vs honda

    but if you ment CR125 then go with that, then sell it and buy a yami