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    Supermoto and rock and roll, when I'm not fixin bikes at my shop in Los Gatos, California.
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  1. I had one do that, not as bad, but a clean radial split -on the first ride. It was an STI as well but the standard (of 3) heavy duty. I chalked it up to the fact that I must have over inflated it when leak checking it (prior to installation). Was a quite a while ago, been using these tubes in my shop since then and have had zero failures -since I stopped blowing them up beyond the normal size for the tube...
  2. As much as I would like to blame ethanol (E-15 is coming fyi, like it or not) I really don't think so. Perhaps wiping down the bike with a thinner or Brakleen rag would do that over time and/or in conjunction with some UV? New tank looks good1!
  3. Awesome, takes me back (umm, way back). Loved PC magazine, The Zimmerman (Brad) column always made me laugh. My neighbor bought a new 75 Elsinore, we were all dumbfounded!
  4. Anyone know if this Slacker sag setting tool works with KTM? -Does it stick well to the KTM axle with the aluminum end cap?
  5. Interesting that it has head studs too.....
  6. I think I saw "press in pilot jets" in my K&L catalog.
  7. Ha I was thinking the same thing, give that Lawn Boy some love while you're waiting for your cylinder! ?
  8. Interesting stuff...here are my thoughts. One, if you are experiencing decreased fuel mileage during commute use and showing black soot in addition to the sample report I would consider leaning out your "pilot jet" zone/off idle zone, if there are no drive-ability down sides to this leave it (closer to stock/lean) there. Second, if possible...add a minute or so to your daily (short trip) warm up.
  9. I found the Grainger o-rings above to be too large. McMaster-Carr part number 9262K259 (bag of 50) is a 1.2mm x 6mm and works much better.
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