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  1. smrookie

    looking for passenger pegs

    I have a set in good condition. $90 shipped. Let me know if you're interested. Comes with the factory bolts, by the way.
  2. smrookie

    Rear Fender for SM

    You will find it nowhere unless you buy the factory Suzuki rear fender. What color are you looking for?
  3. smrookie

    Cap on Coil Conversion, worth doing?

    You don't need that connector. Made mine w/out it. Make sure you put a heat protective tube around the wires.
  4. smrookie

    Cap on Coil Conversion, worth doing?

    My buddy, "moto-scoot", made one for me a while ago, but I never used it. Cleans-up the bike a little bit, but you can't really see it. Looks trick though. I'll sell you mine for $40 shipped.
  5. smrookie

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Finally sold mine about 1 month ago. It is now one of the SoCal Supermoto School fleet. It is getting beat-up by students as we speak. I just listed a few DR-Z parts left-overs I had in the classifieds. Check them out. Let me know if you're interested. Long live the mighty DR-Z!!!
  6. smrookie

    Eddie sisneros rebuilding my engine

    Any of you guys ever dyno your 50hp package? Just sayin.
  7. smrookie

    Eddie sisneros rebuilding my engine

    This was when this thread got fishy for me.
  8. smrookie

    Eddie sisneros rebuilding my engine

    What I'm not understanding is that, despite the recent reviews of SSW, people still proceed. It is your $$ after all.
  9. smrookie

    Eddie sisneros rebuilding my engine

    This is an Eddie done headwork back in April 2012, just during his transition with Epic. I sent him everything(valves, seals, springs) to refurbish the head. A phone call with my cc #, and a thank you was all it took. No invoice as far as I can remember. I got it back within a week in-time to race in the Stateline Supermoto Challenge. Great work!
  10. smrookie

    Eddie sisneros rebuilding my engine

    I know I haven't been around much anymore, but the few times I've stopped by, it's been hard to swallow what it seems to have happened to the great reputation of Eddie. Not sure why he hasn't stopped by here to explain or defend himself to the claims of those who mentioned they've been ripped-off by him. Maybe he just threw-in the towel, who knows! Perhaps Eddie's lieutenant's can enlighten us as to what's going on with him. E. Marquez? Craigo? William?
  11. smrookie

    Eddie sisneros rebuilding my engine

    ^^That flange^^ is a cut-out, not a part was broken-off."
  12. smrookie

    Carb or Pipe?

    Pipe. Motor needs to breathe first before you can shove more fuel into its mouth first. Yesterday was the first day riding near stock drz again in 7 years.
  13. smrookie

    C'est la vie, Ya'll! Signing off from Dja-b00ty!

    Glad you got the box today, Bob!! Enjoy the extra hp!! Finally back in mostly stock form and on the market. :-( http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/mcy/4315120890.html I had no idea I had all these spare parts as well. "Go Fast" parts are all sold off, but I have these spares which I have kept handy for maintenance. Anyone interested in them, let me know. OEM parts $150 includes postage. Side cover gaskets(for when you do your Loctite fix), complete drz sm forks seal set, rear wheel bearing seal set, front wheel bearing seal, countershaft sprox nut w/ washers & o-rings, oil drain bolts crush washers(3 of each size, not pictured). Passenger footpegs, $70 includes postage. SM fork covers, number plate, track day handguards, IRC inner tube, Motion Pro clutch cable. Factory Effex number plate backgrounds(for "E" headlight). JT Sprocket 43T, Driven aluminum sprocket 44T, JT Sprocket 14T front. All of them not more than 100 miles total. Used for 1 or 2 track days. "E/S" sidestand with brand new springs. Carbon Fiber rear chainguide. Just needs cleaning, $30 w/ postage.
  14. smrookie

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    I might as well post some pics before my beloved DR-Z leaves me!! In its race attire. This is the longest version of how I had it in.