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    I had this Ready Ramp for a few years, and recently sold my motorcycle, its in good shape and comes with additional new straps. This is the Compact Bed version at 50", and fit my Toyota Tacoma great. New these cost $210.00, save a $100 bucks and pick this up. Contact me at (Text Only): 714-812-2966 LOCAL SALE ONLY, No Shipping Manufacture Description - The patented ReadyRamp® is the only Bed Extender that turns into a Motorcycle Ramp. It gives extra bed space for all your gear and gas cans, while preventing parts from falling out of the bed. The ReadyRamp® comes in two different load ratings and fits nearly every truck on the road. We've extensively tested our ramps with some of the toughest critics in the business, and professional racers and motorcycle industry tester all agree that ReadyRamp® works better than any other ramp out there. New for 20013! ReadyRamp® I-Beam is now stocked in Satin Silver or Satin Black. The new Black color is offset by silver hardware, which enhances the look of any truck. All models are made from strong, light weight 6061 T6 aluminum. The ReadyRamp® unfolds to load bikes up to 600lbs. The unique hinged design keeps bodywork safe from scratches, while the rubber-coated ramp lip protects your truck from abuse. The ReadyRamp® goes on fast! Once set up, the ramp can be installed or removed in mere seconds. The hardware mounts to the truck's OEM tailgate hardware, so no drilling is required. ReadyRamps include hardware needed to fit nearly all Ford, Dodge, GM, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi trucks. * Patented Truck Bed Extender opens to become a motorcycle ramp capable of holding dirt bikes and most street bikes under 600lbs. * ReadyRamp folds flat when not in use, and can be easily stored * Fits Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Dakota, Nissan Frontier and Hardbody, Hummer H3-T, GMC Canyon, Chevy S-10 and Colorado, and even the Volkswagen Amarok. See appication chart for details. * 15% lighter than our original design, and weighs only 19lbs! * #1 in the motorcycle industry for over 15 years!


    Anaheim, California - US

  2. I have a 2006 TC 450, originally had LTR tune my suspension. every year... or so, I would have the suspension freshened up at RG3 (Seals, bushings, oil,...) this week I was basically told the they don't want to mess with the Marzocchi/Ohlins combo, they didn't want to track parts down. They really made it very clear, in a nice customer service tact, that they don't want this business. I used RG3 primarily because they are located a few miles from my home, I really don't want to package these up and ship them out of state. Do you guys know of a So Cal establishment that will service my suspension? Thanks,
  3. Chazlom

    2006 TC450 Manuals

    I just got a new computer and lost my PDF Service Manual and Parts Schematics for my 2006 TC450, anyone have these? The parts schematics one was all in Italia, but had every part number. Thanks,
  4. BTW, I just realized, Its my 10 year anniversary on TT, its been all good!!! Seen a lot of changes, and lost some special riders.
  5. So I'm enjoying the Nationals, and the typical motorcycle and gear vendor commercials. Then suddenly a Husqvarna symbol during a commercial, this is awesome, could it be the TC450 in action........ no it's a gardening, chainsaw, lawn mower, and weedeater spot. Wait, what, during a premier motorcycle event in the US, Husqvarna decides to shows its dominance in gardening. &%$#@!??? Whatever, it's a sad day for my 2006 TC450, and I even got a good desert ride in the morning. Maybe I should give up riding, and start a lawn and gardening service.
  6. Chazlom


    Wow, I don't even know where to start. The only reason I own a Husky is because of George and his suppot through the years. It's a sad day for Husky, and a huge loss of knowledge and loyalty to the brand. I'm disapointed, and will be looking at other brands going forward.
  7. Lets see some pictures!
  8. Chazlom

    Case Sealant

    Thanks Lumpy, exactly the feedback I was lookng for> I spent the day researching, nothing else to do until all the parts come in. I'll be picking up some Yamabond #4 from the local dealer this week, and using it by the weekend. Thanks again!
  9. Chazlom

    Case Sealant

    Let me digress - "What do you guys recomend for sealing the case, my manufacture calls for Loctite 510 but I havent been able to locate this product within close proximity of my location. I really don't want to order this from Europe, and a case or gallon is overkill. Spending over $20 dosn't seem reasonable, and I really don't want to wait a week for it to ship at over-inflated transportation cost for a 4oz tube. Is there something simular that you would suggest." Thanks for all the feedback, I think I'll go with "all the OTHER same stuff"
  10. Chazlom

    Case Sealant

    What do you guys recomend for sealing the case, my manufacture calls for Loctite 510 but I havent been able to source that product. I've used 1211 in the past but I was told that it wasn't suitable for sealing my 450 case, I just replaced the crank and need some suggestions on a good product, Thanks
  11. Chazlom

    Suspend Reed for a race

    OK Maddog I'll bite, I say all the racers should put every rider they can into the tuffblocks, push them off the track, blockpass, Brakecheck, run into, cut off, and all out dirty racing. It's the way Reed races. The real funny thing is that if that happend to Reed, he would go off the track wimpering. Just check the years past as the "Goat" put him in check so many times. Reed's thinking is "if you can't beat tham....CHEAT." There is passing, then there is putting your bike sideways in front of another rider, Reed couldnt pass so he did the next best thing, throw away 2nd place to take someone out. Reed:moon: PERIOD.
  12. Chazlom

    Suspend Reed for a race

    @ 15 Sec CR22 "I scrwed him good, I'm proud of that take out move. Oh wait I just lost 2nd place.
  13. Chazlom

    Suspend Reed for a race

    I'm not a fan of either riders, in fact I was happy to see 'Poto win. But... what Reed did was dirty racing, he didn't choose that line to take the advantage and gain the position, he choose that line knowing that there would be contact. It was to take out and possibly injure another rider. Reed is what I consider a poor sport, if he can't beat another rider strait-up he has to take them out. I really hope that the AMA reviews and takes appropriate action. Yes, I agree that in racing there is "bar-banging", but if everyone rode like Reed the sport would turn into gladiator games. Its a sad day for Supercross:thumbsdn:
  14. I am a Glamis person, I loved the different perspective of the RC Plane, the RC view of Oldsmobile was awesome. Thanks!
  15. Chazlom

    Custom Uptite TE250 '09 for $ALE!!

    Yep, Glamis rocks! and you'll need the 450 for that terrain!:smirk: