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  1. Are you sure its so soft springs on the 4stroke?
  2. hi again i have now taket a look in my zokes and they look fine a little wear in 1 leg where the basevalve sits i writed upp the stacks that are in base 32x0.15x3 28x0.10x1 27x0.10x1 24x0.10x1 22x0.10x1 20x0.10x1 18x0.10x1 14x0.10x1 12x0x10x1 10x0.20x2 rebound 18x0.10x1 20x0.10x4 10x0.20x2 15x0.15x1 16x0.15x1 18x0.15x1 midcomp 20x0.10x4 18x0.10x1 17x0.10x1 14x0.15x1 10x0.20x2 and 300cc oil i outer chamber the forks have the stickers from 1 verry good tuner here in sweden so i dont think this stacks are std? and what is the std spring in this forks? and how many turns is good start on the pfp? it will be intresting to test this forks later on
  3. Ok can you please email to me?
  4. Im locking for a diagram for beta 4stroke efi and cant find it? Having problem that somevan switsh my fuelpump relay To a other relay and burnt the regulater
  5. Im thinking something wrong to the regulater?
  6. Yes i sure and my battery dont charge I tryed a new battery and its the same
  7. Sorry i forgot bike is beta 350 2016
  8. Hi When my bike is on idle and i messure the battery i only get 12.4v And when i rew it only 12v? Any ideas? Thx Daniel
  9. Footpegs ears in the frame
  10. Hi i need to weld in the frame on my 350 2016 do i need to take off all electronic? Or just disconnect the battery? Its the footpeg ears on 1 side Thx
  11. Nice [emoji106]
  12. To my old bike i got prox But it fits 2011-2014
  13. Ok i think i will do so And when i have time i will tare the zokes down and take a look
  14. I cant see to find any aftermarket pistons for beta 350 2016? They changed piston 2015?
  15. I have the husqy kyb forks From a cr 125 2012