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  1. I have one on the way to [emoji106]
  2. Thx for the info [emoji5]
  3. I can try email RS and ask So 5043 not is for husqy they have 16id shims and the seperator rebound valve Do you have any ides to my rebound stack? How to stiff up highspeed reb?
  4. Ok so the kit i found on ebay SMGV-5003 will not fit?
  5. What reb stack are you running?
  6. The RT piston has a 16mm ID bore so needed a sleeve made for the 12mm tap on the Beta Sachs. Now, all that said I'm curious if a stock KYB or Showa piston will improve things as well. I'd have to look at the port areas of each. Anyone done this? glen do you mine there is no sleeve in the kit from RS? and you have to do one yourself?
  7. i forgot under the 44x20 (10) it is a break shim 26x0.15
  8. i cant find the pappers but taken from the memory is comp 44x20x(10) 42x0.15 38x0.2 36x0.2 34x0.2 32x0.2 30x0.25 28x0.25 26x0.25 24x0.25 22x0.3 reb 38x0.25 (4) 36x0.2 28x0.1 36x0.25 34x0.25 32x0.25 30x0.25 28x0.3 26x0.3 24x0.3 22x0.25 ii think it is something like this? and it kicks alot in medium and high speed spring is 6.0 clicker hsc 12 comp 12 reb 9
  9. Ok i think i give it a try but it will take a long time to get it Shipping to sweden is slow What do you guys run for rebound stacks and springs? I have the stack marty send me but i have stift it up some And i have 6.0 rear spring
  10. Gp do you think it worth the money to test a goldvalve in the sachs?
  11. Yes its just that problem i have that it kicks in higher speed And i cant relly trust the rearend
  12. The biggest problem i have is high speed comp and i cant get the rebound to work as i want it I think i have heavy shim stacks in it now but maby its not that heavy? I dont have the pappers here now If i found i can post my stacks
  13. Found it smgv 5003 [emoji5]
  14. Its for the shock iam talking about I have tryed a couple of stacks And cant get it to work like i want it And i live in sweden so send my stuff to usa ets do not work I have yoused rt before and like it But i dont find the part nr for the sachs shock?
  15. Im looking for a goldvalve kitt To my sachs shock 350 2014 Does it fit from husqvarna sachs shock? Or do anywan have the racetech part nr to beta? Thx