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  1. Thats intresting but i have my reb clicker 18 out?
  2. 12x44x0.20 1x28x0.20 1x44x0.20 1x42x0.20 1x40x0.20 1x38x0.25 1x36x0.25 1x34x0.25 1x32x0.25 1x30x0.25 1x28x0.25 1x26x0.25 1x24x0.25
  3. Its good on most places But if i going out off a turn sitting its bouncing around and feels stiff in small stones roots and brakebumps I can figure out if its reb or comp but i think its to stiff comp I will post up my courent comp stack And see what you think?
  4. hi again i have tryed som diffrent settings but havent found the sweet spoot? maby you have some inpot (GP) i have now 5.8 spring in rear and i have drilled the bleed hole and my reb stack are now 40x4x0.20 28x1x0.10 40x1x0.25 38x1x0.25 36x1x0.25 34x1x0.3 32x1x0.3 30x1x0.3 28x1x0.3 26x1x0.3 24x1x0.3 and im thinking maby bigger xover? like 32x1x0.20? what do you think?
  5. Ok is it a shimstack under the cadj?
  6. Cadj?
  7. No i did not drill the bleed hole But way not maby its better? I tryed some diffrent stacks A little soften on comp and harder reb stacks
  8. Can i not lose the cirklip and take it out The same way as the piston? I did a block in wood but its just spinning Thx
  9. Ok thank you i will try to make a block And give it a try
  10. And hove do i do that? I have tryed me marzocchi 48 now ☺ And its the best fork ever in stones and ruts its sick! I can go upp one gear 👍
  11. Hi again I need to change seals on my sachs shock Can i take the sealhead out if i take away the shims and piston? Or do i need to take it the other way And take off the cleves ? Thx
  12. Are you sure its so soft springs on the 4stroke?
  13. hi again i have now taket a look in my zokes and they look fine a little wear in 1 leg where the basevalve sits i writed upp the stacks that are in base 32x0.15x3 28x0.10x1 27x0.10x1 24x0.10x1 22x0.10x1 20x0.10x1 18x0.10x1 14x0.10x1 12x0x10x1 10x0.20x2 rebound 18x0.10x1 20x0.10x4 10x0.20x2 15x0.15x1 16x0.15x1 18x0.15x1 midcomp 20x0.10x4 18x0.10x1 17x0.10x1 14x0.15x1 10x0.20x2 and 300cc oil i outer chamber the forks have the stickers from 1 verry good tuner here in sweden so i dont think this stacks are std? and what is the std spring in this forks? and how many turns is good start on the pfp? it will be intresting to test this forks later on
  14. Ok can you please email to me?
  15. Im locking for a diagram for beta 4stroke efi and cant find it? Having problem that somevan switsh my fuelpump relay To a other relay and burnt the regulater