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    Riding..dirtbikes and chix
  1. YzF Rider

    best 50 pitbike

    ok ok put it this way...which chineese pitbike is the best for mx...most power etc
  2. YzF Rider

    Dirtest Bikes!

    ''dirt''bikes..lol...i dont have any pics of my bike when it was dirty..dman
  3. YzF Rider

    best 50 pitbike

    best motocross 50 out there..pitster,,ssr,,,thumpstar..etc
  4. YzF Rider

    Chopping donuts on a DRZ

    turned that enduro tire into a racing slick
  5. YzF Rider

    best 50 pitbike

    just wanderin what do you all think is the best 50 pitbike out there, other than yamaha or honda. best engine...best suspension, strongest...stuff like that
  6. YzF Rider

    125 shootout

    01 yz250 is the last year for the 6 speed and its probably the best
  7. YzF Rider

    YZ250 Too much bike for 15 y.o.?

    a 250 is set up for a 5'10'' rider....lol i was 14 when i started riding a twofiddy..few crashes but got over it...very powerful tho i should sugest the 125 even tho its the same higth as the 250
  8. YzF Rider

    screw the whip you gotta SCRUB

    lol yea this is over a year old, hes been doing that for awhile
  9. i went to google earth and didnt see anything that u stated...am i lost??
  10. YzF Rider

    Kickstand on a 2-stroke?

    i would recomend a triangle stand that folds up, but alot of kickstands will hold up to alot of jumping
  11. YzF Rider

    supercross helmet cam

    im pretty sure speedtv.com has those clips
  12. YzF Rider

    04 yz 125 vs. crf 230

    yz125 hands down
  13. YzF Rider

    Coolant in my gas?!?!?!?!

    blown head gasket or base gasket...do a leak down test
  14. YzF Rider

    Just got hold of a 1981 XT 500

    yea man, that is an awesome project, wish i had the time to restore something like that
  15. YzF Rider

    Hot Start or Compression Release

    auto decompression.....