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  1. BlackWidow

    >> The Official HOW TO WHEELIE Thread <<

    Ive got my mind set of a street bike as soon as I turn 18, already have $3,000 saved up and got some bikes for sale, so I think Ima get a gixxer. A used '03-'05 gsxr600 goes for 3.5-4k around here. This wheelie thread is one of the best that ive read in a long time. I can ride a wheelie about 2 miles (wish I had a longer straight stretch) on my YZ.
  2. BlackWidow

    Bent rotor. Need help.

    The rotor will heat up and warp after you straighten it out. Get a new one.
  3. BlackWidow

    What do TRAIL riders wear?

    Coming from a racer, All of my race gear weights 14 pounds. Boots, socks, shin guards, pants, kidney belt, jersey, small tool kit, camel pack, chest protector, gloves, helmet, goggles, roll/tear offs, and a card board box. When Im not racing, good luck seeing me with about half of that. Helmet, goggles, camel pack, gloves, maybe a chest protector, jersey, pants, and boots.
  4. BlackWidow

    Plastic,, OEM vs Acerbics, vs UFO

    My 250f is no longer green, its guacamole Acerbis sucks.
  5. Trading in my sponsored yz for a 08, dont know how Im going to get the cash to make a clone for it...
  6. BlackWidow

    Too big for 125?

    My Brother is 195+/- and he rides my KX all the time, I stiffened up the suspension and set the sag for him. You should be fine.
  7. BlackWidow

    Welding a stand together today and...

    Measure from the floor to the bottom of you bike and add about 4". Thats what I did for my 250f, and both tires sit about 2 1/2" off the ground.
  8. BlackWidow

    My Harescramble Experience !!!haha

    That was a great start for you 2nd time. I was horrible when I started, better now.
  9. They are the Carb type, they were close to $50 right? The jugs that are $30 are illegal.
  10. BlackWidow

    Sprocket Bolts coming loose

    any thread lock will work. A dealer should have some in stock.
  11. BlackWidow

    now i want a 125

    Before Christmas, people sell their kids old bikes to get a new/better one as a present.
  12. The square utility VP jugs are illegal in California, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Maine, New York, and Delaware due to spillage Regulations. The CARB VP jugs are ok to have anywhere. Pg 852 of the Rockymountain 2007 master catalog.
  13. A VP gas can is illegal in cali if im not mistaken. take a 5 gal. Blitz gas can from wal mart with you.
  14. BlackWidow

    Why I don't deal with shops

    That dealer would only make $500 from your trade in, and then sell you quad for $4000. So if you take a wad of cash in, he will cut you a better deal on a new bike.
  15. All I know is Wal-Mart sells alot of milk, and they get in in blue crates, which match my Yamaha's. I got about 10 last time I asked for some.