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  1. fordfreak300

    Finally finished rebuilding my 81 XR200R

    I am here. I got an email saying you replied to the thread. I am actually about to put my bike up for sale.
  2. fordfreak300

    XR200 Headlight ????

    I have done the exact same thing as Chuck. He was the one who suggested it to me. It works awesome. I went to trail tech and got an on/off hi/low switch with built in kill switch to use. I got a 12v hi/low bulb and used the 12v regulator. I ordered the regulator from thumpertalk. My headlight is very bright. I don't really do any night rides, but I like the headlight in case something happens and I have to get back after dark.
  3. fordfreak300

    Lets discuss all of the ways to put a rear disc on xr200r

    Thank you for the pics Chuck. I already have the XR250 rear brake system complete and sitting in my garage. I can find new rotors on E-bay for a descent price. I just need to find the 91-04 XR250R rear wheel. I did finally find one here in the classifieds but the guy wants $200 for it. That's a lot of money for me to spend on a gamble to see if I can make something work. I will keep looking on E-bay for a good deal.
  4. fordfreak300

    Lets discuss all of the ways to put a rear disc on xr200r

    Just a quick update to say there are no new updates. I am still searching for a rear wheel.
  5. fordfreak300

    1982 XR250 Rear Shock Upgrade

    That is very interesting, my rear shock is adjustable on my 82 XR200R. I wonder what shock I really have. I always thought eh front was a little low for the bike. I will have to try to find a part number for it and search it out.
  6. I am going to guess you either work in the movie industry, or you watch a lot of credits at the end of movies and remember different job titles for different departments. I am just curious though, you didn't mention your Director of Photography or who the Transportation Coordinator was. Also Aj should have an assistant. Great movie. Post up a link to your next one for us.
  7. fordfreak300

    Lets discuss all of the ways to put a rear disc on xr200r

    I am still on the look out for a 90-04 xr250 rear wheel. The rotors are easy to find, it seems the wheel is not so readily available on e-bay. If any of you come across one before I post up I have one will you please let me know. I know a lot of you are really looking forward to seeing me tear into this project and I will as soon as I get a rear wheel.
  8. fordfreak300

    Lets discuss all of the ways to put a rear disc on xr200r

    I had a few PMs lately about an update to this thread. I had a few things in life get in the way, had a family emergency that required me to be out of town for a week, and I haven't made any progress yet. I am still planning to give this a go, I just need to get a rear wheel and rotor still. I am on the look out for one. I should be updating this thread soon.
  9. fordfreak300

    xr200r fork seals question

    Your welcome. I know the bolt has to come out as I just did mine a month or so ago. If you do a search on my user name in this forum you will see thread that details what I needed to do and a cool little home made tool that will help with the job. Be very careful with those Allen heads, mine striped out as they were stuck. I ended up using a little heat to beat them up and then had to use an easy out to get the bolts out. It appears the bolt head had fused to the aluminum fork body as it is a close tolerance.
  10. fordfreak300

    xr200r fork seals question

    that bolt needs to come out.
  11. fordfreak300

    81 Honda Xr200r, Airbox

    In 84 the air box changed as the 84-85 model was dual carb. In 86 they went back to single carb but I believe the air box is different. You can find the air filters for 81-83 on e-bay.
  12. fordfreak300

    '81 XR200 Carb Fitment

    sounds like an interesting problem. I forget how the air box attaches but I would try to move it forward a hair. I seem to remember a similar issue on my 82 xr200r when i was first putting it together and moving the air box forward a bit. It was over a year ago so i just don't remember now. Just keep fiddleing with it until it works.
  13. fordfreak300

    My father in law gave us one of these...

    My daughter got a 20cc Quad for her birthday a few years ago. I swapped the battery out with a new one and it seems to hold charge and start better. I am constantly have to adjust the front end alignment on it. I'll tell ya she has some fun on it though. I have had to fabricate a few things to make it work correctly, a chain slider that doesn't cause the chain to jump off of was one of the things.
  14. fordfreak300

    81 honda XR200 R, CARB UPDATE

    I have a 66mm piston 10.5/1 compression piston, ported and polished head and previously ran the stock carb. I only switched my carb as my original carb was starting to corrode away and it wouldn't hold the float any more. I did buy a 1mm size bigger carb and really didn't notice any differences.
  15. fordfreak300

    '83 xr200r valve adjustment. Please help.

    I can't remember the valve adjustment off of the top of my head. I think the exhaust is.002 and the intake is .003. DO not use those measurements I can't remember if they are right or not. I do know if you do a search you will find the correct measurements to use. Heck if do a search on my user name you will find the correct answer. But to do the adjustment you need to remove the valve cover cap (it uses a 22mm wrench) and get a feeler gage to put between the valve stem and the rocker. Use a 10mm wrench to loosen the lock nut then a small flat blade screw driver to turn the adjusting screw. Tighten the lock nut back up making sure not to turn the adjuster screw. Use the feeler gage to check the clearances again after you tighten the lock nut. You may have to try several times to get it to stay right. Just be patient. Once you have the valves adjusted I would warm the bike up and adjust the chain tensioner also to make sure the cam chain is tightened correctly. It could also be the source of your noise, but adjusting both the valves and cam chain is probably needed if they haven't been done yet. I did a simple search using teh search button and typed in XR200 valve clearance and it came up this nice long thread about adjusting the valves. Read it for some good tips. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=325147&highlight=xr200+valve+clearance