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  1. 450racer17

    Pro racer union

    ^^^Nice one dude. The only reason we are seeing more crashes recently compared to the past is because there are more riders out there pushing the limits to get first place. In the times of Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart the 2nd place guy knew he was the 2nd place guy and didn't have any reason to ride over his head. Trey, Dungey, RV, and Reed are gonna do whatever it takes to win and its giving the fans a 3 way battle for the championship that we haven't seen a while. Dungey is the man for riding that pace and apparantly doing it without pushing his limits too hard. Did you see RV riding the ragged edge trying to get a wheel on him in the second moto! This season is awesome.
  2. 450racer17

    Trey Canard- WOW

    When I was watching Trey at that moment you could see from his riding that he was going to make a serious attempt to keep pace with the Ryan's. After being a championship contender and race winner in Supercross it must have been tough to watch the top 3 beat him by over a minute in the moto's prior to his crash. Good luck to Trey for a speedy recovery.
  3. 450racer17

    Trey Canard- WOW

    I am recovering from a broken femur right now so I know how much that sucks for Canard. I wonder how it broke so easily with the titanium rod in there. It seems like his head took most of the hit.
  4. 450racer17

    Spark plug replacment, how often?

    I have never heard of a modern 4 stroke plug going bad but I still replace them. Your owners manual should let you know but if not. I would replace it every other time you check the valves or something like that. It's not to big of a deal but it always made me feel better to have a fresh one!
  5. 450racer17

    GoPro 350SXF front wheel POV

    Very cool angle. I don't think it would last to long if it was muddy though
  6. 450racer17

    KTM 150sx clicker question

    I have an 09 ktm 150sx and was adjusting the clickers. The owners manual says I should have 15 clicks in the front compression. I counted at least 30 clicks do get from bottom to top? Anyone know whats up? Maybe this has something to do with that front fork recall they had on the 09
  7. 450racer17

    Stewart Scares Me to Death!

    I have so much respect for stewart after remounting from that crash. so gnarly. People are saying this is the old stewart but I don't agree with that. In the past he used to ride crazy faster than everyone else but I felt like he was in control when he did it. Now I feel like he is running the same speed but is completely on the edge. I was nervous every time he tried to clear the wall. Such a risky move. imagine tagging!!
  8. 450racer17

    Good luck Dungey!

    Dungey would be really close to the points lead if he didn't throw a chain at A2 I can see him winning tonight too
  9. 450racer17

    NARROW ride ride taken with my GoPro

    And at least he got it on go pro so his wife will never let him ride again.
  10. 450racer17

    NARROW ride ride taken with my GoPro

    Dude thats just stupid. You guys are gonna get knocked out of the gene pool real quick. Your gonna watch one of your buddies fall to their death and its not gonna be fun anymore.
  11. 450racer17

    Jason Lawrence???

    Latest news, scroll to bottom http://www.vurbmoto.com/blogs/1962/roundtable-alessi-decotis-and-j-law/
  12. James stewart is definitely going to take the title this year. He is riding calm and fast. This win at phoenix is just the beginning. RV will steal a few away from him but it won't be enough
  13. 450racer17

    350 Reality Check

    Short would have finished in about 7th whether he was on the 450 or not. the only difference is that he didn't get the holeshot and drift back to that spot
  14. 450racer17

    Yamaha cheatin their way

    Duh its an ipod speakers are under the front fender
  15. In my opinion, this is the real start to the 2011 SX season. Everyone except for Stewart was riding very conservative. No one even crashed during the entire 250 and 450 main. No one is pushing their limit yet. We are going to see the real speed of the top 5 riders this week at Phoenix.