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  1. bill1960

    JD jetting for BB

    For reference, what intake/engine/exhaust mods are you running ?
  2. bill1960

    JD jetting for BB

    Couldn't find JD jetting recommendations for my setup. CW434 BB kit Stock carb 3x3 Yosh RS2 with quiet insert Sea level, hot humid. JD recommends the red needle for hot humid, but wondering how the BB kit affects the clip position and PJ/MJ selection ?
  3. bill1960

    Shock Oil for '13 KTM 500

    Found a handy link Will probably go with the KYB K2C Shock Oil Roughly equivalent to Redline Extra Lite 2.5W Shock Oil. http://www.hrpworld.com/client_images/ecommerce/client_39/products/pdf_3119_1.pdf
  4. I'm after some shock oil to service the WP shock on my '13 KTM 500xcw KTM recommend 2.5W motorex shock oil. Due to my location, and restrictions on mailing liquids, I can only source the following Shock oils. Unfortunately they don't specify what SAE weight they are. So which of the 3 pictured would be closest to Motorex 2.5W and/or most suitable for my KTM 500 ?
  5. bill1960

    2013 500exc fuel line keeps splitting

    Mine eventually failed at close to 200hrs. I'd already fitted reusable FI clamps and carry spare FI line so it was an easy trail side repair.
  6. bill1960

    Hand Bleed WP Shock '13 500XCW

    Would you recommend a bleed bottle that can be pressurized ?
  7. I'm looking into what I need to service my WP shock myself. Due to my location, no-one has a proper Vacuum Bleeder or the WP/RT adapter to recharge with nitrogen However I can get a Nitrogen recharge if I fit a schrader valve to the rez I've read PMK's thread which describes making a bleed bottle that can also be pressurized. Is this still the preferred method for hand bleeding ? http://ktmtalk.com/index.php?showtopic=263325&hl=shock%20%20bleeding&st=0 The following link shows a Mityvac hand vacuum pump which can be switched between vacuum and pressure. http://www.citrustools.com/Mityvac-MV8500-Silverline-Automotive-Test-Kit-p/mty-mv8500.htm Would this be better than just a bleed bottle or is the vacuum it creates too small to be worth it ?
  8. Nope, 200+ hrs ~10,000km. I have plenty of time to ride. Yep, I frequently bleed the forks before and during rides. Agree its due/overdue for new fork oil. I have to import some...... Not sure about adding more rider sag to the rear. Wouldn't the shock riding lower in the stroke make it harsher ?
  9. '13 KTM 500xcw 200hrs Stock suspension except for x bushing which lowers the rear 1/2" My weight with gear 75kg Rear rider sag 115mm Due to my location, I have to send my forks away to the US or AU if I want any revalving done. The front suspension doesn't soak up rocky sections very well so I'm wondering what part of the valving should be altered to improve that. I normally just run all the clickers in the sport settings. For an experiment, I backed out the fork comp clickers (about 30 clicks) and noted the changes. Also backed out the rebound to around 24 clicks out Bike felt very unstable and only minor , if any, improvement to harshness. Does this point to the some valving changes needed, and if so, what ? We have a fair bit of sand over here too so I don't want to sacrifice stability in sand for compliance over rocks, if that's possible.
  10. Hand numbness was an issue for me too on a recent 2200km dualsport ride. I have large hands so will try the Progrip 714 grips which get good reviews I'm running the HDB handguards so would be interested to hear any reviews of the HDB anti vibration bar inserts ?? http://www.highwaydirtbikes.com/HDB_Shop/index.php?app=ccp0&ns=prodshow&ref=Th_insert_av
  11. bill1960

    Must have add-ons/mods...'12 500 XC-W

    The EU map will allow the map switches to work. The map switches can switch between different ignition curves programmed into the ECU, but they dont alter the fueling. I'd say, if your dealer is happy to install the EU map, then get it. However, since the XCW runs ok without it, then its not a must have.
  12. bill1960

    Must have add-ons/mods...'12 500 XC-W

    The 500 xcw runs pretty good stock since it doesn't have emissions stuff on it and the ECU mapping isnt overly lean like the EXC's. So remapping isnt a "must have" to start with. Make sure its sprung for your weight and just ride it.
  13. http://www.brpmoto.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&category_id=1208&flypage=flypage.pbv.tpl&product_id=2589&vmcchk=1&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=49 Is anyone using the BRP rubber mounted submount. How effective is it for reducing handlebar vibration and softening harsh hits from rocks etc
  14. bill1960

    350 EXC fender bag?

    Yes, it comes with a mounting pad that attaches via a strip of velcro running the width of the pad
  15. bill1960

    350 EXC fender bag?

    I use the Wolfman small rolie with supplied straps. One strap goes under the seat and the other is secured between the fender and under-fender. Waterproof, doesnt move. I prefer to mount it sideways, keeps it out the way when standing.