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  1. donnybrasco24

    Strenght workouts?

    There are many ways out there to the same goal. I'm by no means in super shape (both lazy and busy) nor am i a pro rider. As minimadness suggests as well. a Cross fit. One type of cross fit is "Insanity". Google it. Amazing workout in which you will build a super strengthen core (not to mention the complete set of ab and obliques you will obtain), and you will run circles around others with the endurance gained. I believe it was one of the Dirt Rider magazines they were interviewing an older pro rider and he mentioned yoga or Pilates. i forget. Both are great workouts as well. Can't go wrong with any of those.
  2. donnybrasco24

    Strenght workouts?

    I will try to keep my answer simple. This topic could go on based of preference. More muscle = more mass. More mass will give you more momentum. Considering an impact, you want to minimize your momentum. If your primary goal is resistance performance or looks, workout how you want and supplement to improve riding. Don't focus on strength or muscle mass because the strength of your ligaments and bones are equally important. In addition, there is flexibility which will go down naturally with resistance training. My opinion would be to add in some high impact exercises to strengthen ligaments and bone as well. A convenient workout could be insanity or martial arts (larger commitment) . Don
  3. donnybrasco24

    Riding around Laughlin, NV

    Hello. I would like to ride down near bullhead city. If you would like one more rider i will join! PM me.
  4. donnybrasco24

    Las Vegas riding buddies

    PM me if anyone is interested in riding around LV. I would like to meet up with other riders for adventure.
  5. donnybrasco24

    Tweaked Radiator Question

    i dont know about other peoples opinions or knowledge but my last trip i ran into a bunch of trees. not big ones. bunch littles in a group. i had 4 leaks in my radiator and my left one looks like someone just grabed each side top and bottom and twisted it. i got some j-b weld. let that set for a bit. then this stuff ,alumi-seal, little tube of whatever contents. it reacts with the air whereever the hole is and stops the leak. my compression is fine, 100% no leaks. bike doesnt overheat. works fine, just looks banged up really bad to sum it up. my rads and crunched on the sides. twisted, i have j-b weld and used that stuff. no problems with cooling at all...my opinion i wouldnt worry about it.
  6. donnybrasco24

    Soo 2007 CRF250

    "I" think.... you get what you give... you put time in the bike. you will get time out of it. you maintain it good. you get a good long lasting bike... what problems are you having with your bike?
  7. donnybrasco24

    duck creek

    im glad you said something i was going to buy that from rockymtnatv.com i heard the devol rad guards are good? after i broke these things im tankin my bike up, definitly not happenin to me again
  8. donnybrasco24

    duck creek

    was a blast. duck creek is awesome mad trials and for miles. one problem happened on my first ride tho i started going to fast and wasn't paying attention, hit a few small trees and banged up my radiators pretty bad. but i got j-b weld and fixed all but two leaks i thought i was done for but then i heard about this alumi-seal stuff. just poor in and refill to top and it sealed up all the rest of the holes. and went happy riding for the next two days rads are still bent to hell tho:( just thought i would share my experience, wouldn't be here if it wasn't for everyones help in my learning experience happy riding!!
  9. donnybrasco24

    cylinder honing?

    sigh....guess i have to take it apart again...more exp i guess thanks for all the help!!!
  10. donnybrasco24

    replacing front sprocket!

    i had that idea as a last resort. im thinking i can put the new sprocket on there the same way to. in addition i've read somewhere that you can take the spark plug out and put some type of rope in there then go to put the piston tdc and it will sort of jam it from turning over to. but i dont think it will resort to that
  11. donnybrasco24

    Used Bike Questions

    i believe backfiring is to lean. like if you turn off the fuel and run the bike dry in the carb you will notice backfiring. as far as 1st hand experience in camparing the fmf and JD jetting, im not sure. i posted i was getting the fmf and someone recemended me getting the JD instead. i love it. james dean also posts here on TT you can ask him a question yourself if you have any problems jetting with his kit. thats definitly not good with your overheating while running. hopefully someone with alot more knowledge might have something else on that as im not elite yet with bike repairing. also just a thought your carb could be dirty/clogged somewhere inside if it is jetted properly. if you get the service manual that thing does wonders*if you want to do the work yourself*. i cant remember if i stated that in last reply yea im fairly new to TT also. i've learned so much from everyone here. goodluck!
  12. donnybrasco24

    cylinder honing?

    well my problem is i didnt clean it at all. there was no wear visiable that i saw so i just popped it back on without thinking.... im guessing there is....residue from the last piston and rings that are on that cylinder that needs to be cleaned for new rings to be seated? there was nothing on the walls. if there was its invisable. also if the rings dont seat im also guessing i can just buy new rings from JE and put them in and start again?
  13. donnybrasco24

    replacing front sprocket!

    thanks i will examine it when i get off work
  14. donnybrasco24

    Good 1/4" drive torque wrench for <$

    i 2nd throttle, and dan!
  15. donnybrasco24

    replacing front sprocket!

    hey i was just wondering if anyone can give me some easy tips on changing my front sprocket , just thinking about it i can think of a way or two to do it. anyone have easy quick ways of changing front sprocket?