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  1. coolhand55

    Vent hose from valve cover 07 250f

    Put a little filter on that hose to keep the dirt out. Even better, do the "swamp Proofing Your Bike" you can find on this site.
  2. coolhand55

    deep water.

    Check-out the thread on here regarding "swamp proofing" your bike. Good luck.
  3. Drill it out, tap it, install a cut-down bolt with o-ring and Locktite. That should work if you can get the hole round. Good luck.
  4. coolhand55

    breather tube

    When I did the first valve clearance check I found dirt in the valve cover where the hose connects. That was good enough reason for me to install a $2 filter . I also Tee'd into the hose and ran it to the air box(also with a filter). That way ther's no worry with running/starting in water. I left the stock hose on for gravity drain of any condensation, oil etc.
  5. coolhand55

    Riding through 4' of water

    That's exactly why I put one on mine. I found small specs of dirt/sand inside the valve cover when I did my first valve clearance check. I also Tee'd my hose into the air-boxas suggested by AV in his "swamp-proofing" thread.
  6. coolhand55

    Riding through 4' of water

    The bike may have sucked in water via the crankcase vent hose.It's a good idea to "swamp-proof" the bike. ( Do a search here to find out how) Good luck.
  7. coolhand55

    Trailtech Vapor + 08 yz250f

    There is a better way of hooking up the Tach wire. The Tach read-out is much smoother and stable this way. Instead of wrapping around the coil, connect it directly to the coil wire. I just can't remember to which color. There is a thread on here somewhere on how to do it, or ask Trailtech when you call them. You can check out my garage to see my custom mount. Good luck.
  8. coolhand55

    Breather Tube

    Do a search for "swamp Proofing" your bike. I did that on my wr250f and added filters.
  9. coolhand55

    Who makes the strongest o ring chain?

    If chains are adjusted too tight they will stretch quickly.
  10. coolhand55

    White oil coming out of breather vent?

    I put a little filter on mine.
  11. coolhand55

    Drowned WR250

    There's a thread on this site which shows how to "swamp proof" your bike. I would also recommend a filter(s) on the crankcase vent tube(s). Good Luck.
  12. coolhand55

    Crack in WR250f Fuel Tank

    Plastic welding is done with high heat(air) gun. You should use the same type of plastic in the filler rod, which might be difficult to find. Good Luck.
  13. coolhand55

    Clicking not starting WR

    The clicking is the starer relay engaging/dis-engaging. Are you saying it wont kick over, or, won't start when kicked over?
  14. coolhand55

    To good to be true????????

    You could probably make a spark arrestor with S/S fine screen. You would have to do research for proper dimensions.