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  1. Time Left: 20 days and 7 hours

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    For sale is a nice Big-Wheel kit for 2002-2013 KX85. This makes the bike about 2" taller, it will make your 85 the same height as a KX100. front wheel is 19", rear wheel is 16" it may fit other years, I don't know - I had it on my 2003 and made a great size for smaller adult or big kid Front tire is Dunlop MX3S (new) Rear tire is Michelin MS3 (decent). Comes with rotors, sprocket, longer swingarm, brand-new longer chain, new chain slider. $350 firm (I paid $500) Located in SW Michigan - shipping is on you, this item is big and heavy and won't be cheap to ship. you make arrangements for shipping and I will drop off the parts. could deliver to Indiana during some D14 enduro events, possibly Ironman GNCC in October


    , Michigan - US

  2. Toby259

    Bentley FES

    It's a lot of fun, you will have a great time! Each race is a little different in format, the course layout is done by each local club. You start on the same row at each restart, (usually about 5-riders per row, row is assigned at signup, your row corresponds to the minute after keytime). The first section is usually 12mph average speed, with secret checks located along the trail. Sometimes there is a reset to get caught back up on time or to catch guys riding too hot (too fast for speed average). After you finish the first part, there is usually about a 30 minute break where you can go back to your truck and re-fuel and get snacks. Then you start the 18mph section and do the same thing. Sometimes it's a totally different trail, sometimes it's the same trail as you rode for the 12mph sections with the checkpoints being moved. Don't worry too much about it your first time just go out and have fun. The goal would be to stay on time, usually you can gauge your speed by the row in front of you, ideally you would stay exactly one minute behind them (assuming they are on time).
  3. keep in mind when you change to the spring conversion kit, this changes the internal geometry inside the fork tubes... meaning the max oil levels in the KTM manual may no longer be accurate due to bigger/smaller parts inside the forks. Not sure if the "spring conversion" means one spring or two springs (one in each fork leg) depends on the kit.
  4. Toby259

    KTM 350 SX-F (2017)


    2019 but they don't allow that choice! Currently in the process of setting up for off-road. I prefer the SX-F transmission to the XC-F for tight woods riding, the gear spacing is better with no gaps. I will add the XC-F fuel tank and have the suspension redone, I don't need a kickstand (trees everywhere) and I like the 19" rear wheel. Most guys who buy the XC-F change the gearing by adding 2+ teeth to the rear sprocket, essentially turning their bikes into a 5-speed because first gear is now too low to be useful.
  5. Toby259

    KTM 350 SX-F 2017

    delete, posted in wrong section
  6. Toby259

    2018-2019 XCF models wiring

    The TrailTech fan has connections to attach directly to the battery which includes terminals and a fuse block (assuming you order the correct fan for your bike). The EE wiring harness is for lights only (if I remember correctly), but I believe you can order a splitter power lead to power the fan from the harness, I would call the guys at EE to confirm.
  7. Toby259

    2018-2019 XCF models wiring

    nope. Did lights/fan setup on a 2018 350 XCF and needed to get wiring harness from EE, - TrailTech fan comes with necessary wiring. but my 2018 300XC (2-stroke) had the wiring in place for lights from the factory.
  8. Toby259

    AER 48 air forks, you like them?

    I am really happy with my stock AER48, and I have been riding them back-to-back with a nice set of WP SXS "bladder" forks setup by Factory Connection. As others have said, the AER48 do take a little while to break-in. Air pressure is critical, adjust with ±2 psi increments to find your sweet spot. Don't forget to bleed the LP air bleed screws on both forks on a regular basis, just like you would with any other modern fork to stop them from feeling harsh. Also bike setup balance seems more critical with AER48, check to make your rear sag is in the ballpark, it has a big effect on fork performance. I found 105-107 works good for me. Also make sure you have the correct rear spring for your weight! Don't be afraid to move the fork tubes up/down a little (1mm at a time) to fine-tune the cornering feel and don't over-tighten the triple-clamp pinch bolts.
  9. Toby259

    '17 - '19 KTM 250/300 XC lighting

    Enduro Engineering sells a nice 3 to 4 pin connector for plug and play between the flat 3-pin and square 4-pin. I am not sure if it's listed in their online catalog. I have purchased 2 of them for my bikes from them.
  10. Toby259

    Where to buy 2019 OEM Parts?

    Munn racing has the 2019 parts list! www.munnracing.com
  11. Toby259

    New owner of a 2018 300 XC with some quesitons

    For your issue with the AER, they should be really plush on the small stuff. I was skeptical of mine at first but have found they are great forks (after about 5-10 hours break-in) with good adjust-ability and I also had been spoiled by a great KYB setup. Here are some tips that may contribute to a stiff feeling: - the forks can feel stiff if your chassis balance is off, check your rear end sag and make sure you are in the ballpark. Too much sag will make the front feel stiff on small stuff. Make sure you have the correct spring for your weight, it makes a big difference. I think the stock one is good for about 170# rider - check the owners manual for recommendations on spring weight for you in full gear. - check and make sure your fork tubes aren't bound up on the front axle, this procedure also can be found in owners manual - check fork tube height in top triple clamp, start at the standard setting (2-lines showing I think? check owners manual) also don't over tighten triple clamp bolts - make sure front tire pressure is correct, mine came from the dealer with 25 psi
  12. Toby259

    2018 factory edition?

    Rumored to have a new frame as spotted in the MXGP "The easiest way to spot the new frame is the difference in the shock tower and engine mounts. Also, Tanel's bike has a strange, uncoated version of the shock that we spied in the WP truck. We'd be surprised to find this high-end of a shock on a production bike however...maybe a factory edition? We've heard there is a high possibility of a Husqvarna "Race Edition" in the US for 2018...being that the brand will need one so Jason Anderson can race the new bike in Supercross, like KTM has in past seasons" http://www.vitalmx.com/photos/member/Vital-MX-Pit-Bits-2017-MXGP-of-Pays-de-Montbeliard,39322/Tanel-Leoks-Bike,102457/ayearinmx,1455
  13. Echoworx - did you find some numberplate backgrounds? I might have a set of solid white ones laying around that will fit your bike. PM me if you are still looking.
  14. also consider your strength and fitness level... a lot of guys can go fast on a 450 for a lap or two but later in the day it can wear you out. If you are a strong guy and in good shape, the 450 power can be fun.
  15. Toby259

    Show Your SX-F!

    here is a similar one - but it's pretty expensive (shipping is stupid $$) http://store.n-style.com/KTM-RENTHAL-RK-EXCEL-Swingarm-Decal-15-KTM-RRE-SWINGARMS.htm