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  1. Zappa

    Does this head need to be repaired?

    That head looks like it was damaged by detonation. Essentially under heavy load, the YZ engines are known to detonate, especially if using slightly bad gas. After the detonation wears the edge enough, the o-ring melts and starts leaking coolant. Have you ever heard any rattling or knocking under heavy load? Since you should fix the head in that condition, I would have RB Designs modify the shape a bit and cleanup the squish which should prevent any future detonation.
  2. I don't like Rogers, but I hate Bell and have no interest in doing any business with them ever again. Still going to be ridiculous that the Supercross is going to be at the Rogers Center Stadium in Toronto, but won't be covered by any Rogers channel... I was using slicknick to grab the motocrosses during the summer, but it's just better watching it live or recorded. Picture quality is way better and the audio isn't nearly as clear. Also, the American health system is the prime reason I would never want to live and work in the USA. I'm just going to leave it at that, it's like arguing politics and religion.
  3. As of March 1, 2014 Roger is dropping Speed channel. http://www.rogers.com/web/content/speed-channel?asc_refid=serviceupdate Since Fox Sports 1 can't be broadcasted in Canada because it competes with Canadian channels TSN/Sportsnet, anybody who is supercross fan is SOL. Bell subscribers seem to be fine, they are keeping the channel for the time being. Anybody got any recommendations on how to watch it online live? Beyond that, I guess I have to download it the next day and lose the nice HD picture I am used to...
  4. Zappa

    Anyone want to do a group build?

    Custom graphics developed with everyone's signature on them or meaningful image?
  5. Zappa

    Anyone want to do a group build?

    Don't worry about that part, if I ended up winning, I would take possession of the bike and figure out how to give it to my cousin. Whether I give it to him immediately, or hold onto ownership until he is 18. I think I would be in for a 250, he has ridden one a couple of times, and although he was a bit small for it at the time, he will likely have grown into it by the next year or so. I definitely wouldn't be throwing him on a violent ill tempered bike until he was well prepared to handle it.
  6. Zappa

    Anyone want to do a group build?

    I like the idea... Are you considering doing something having a preliminary type of bike (2t/4t, 125,250 etc) picked out before opening up for donations? I have too many bikes, but might throw in to see if I win the bike for my cousin who has outgrown his 85.
  7. Zappa

    Ice bike tires.

    This video helped me out when I made my first set of tires. End result is a very heavy tire that would need a big bike to spin it and an extremely grippy tire. Works good with my dads CR500 and is very similar to the Fredette ice tires that I run on my CR500. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLh65d7QEbE&noredirect=1
  8. It looks like the frame is too big for the engine, massive gap between the engine and the lower frame rails. I don't know why but I just keep looking at the gap. If something remotely resembling this was available on showroom floors, I would have considered buying it. Beautiful machine.
  9. Bam $200. http://www.checkline.com/torque_wrenches/DTW I have both the 1/4 and 3/8 torque wrenches. Pick which range you are expecting to need and go for that one. Personally, I would go for the 1/4 one just because it is best for the smaller bolts and torques required on a bike.
  10. Zappa

    Twisted the head off the seat bolt 250 sx! Help!

    +1. Clamp the vice grips on as hard as you can and go back and forth a couple times to try and get the bolt moving. Hitting the vice grips with a hammer might impact it loose.
  11. Zappa

    Back to the "other" darkside...

    Any chance you think you might have an electrical problem? Fixed a YZ that occasionally would run rough, and sometimes wouldn't start at all, ended up being some corrosion where the CDI plugs caused some of the connector to melt. Everything else being either new or replaced, might be worthwhile to swap some parts off that good YZ and see if it ends up changing the behaviour. Might address not getting a complete full burn at low RPM causing massive unburned fuel popping up as spooge and hits like crazy cause it finally starts running right at higher RPMs. Just a thought...
  12. Zappa

    Swedish CR550 Liger engine build

    Oh? I didn't know that the ProX pistons were fragile in the CR500 motors... Just curious if you have had failures, and roughly how much time before it did fail?
  13. Zappa

    Swingarm greasing

    Of course water hadn't gotten in the linkage. I disassembled the bike brand new... The comment about space for water to get in there was to illustrate the point. Most times I elect to avoid pressure washing my bike, but there are times when it can't be avoided. Even being careful, you can force some water past the seals and it stays in there causing corrosion. Of course the engineers know what they are doing. Reducing costs while ensuring their grease lasts until the recommended maintenance period in the manual. I have owned a few bikes that were absolute nightmares with the swingarm and linkage. Anyone with an XR400 and a seized swingarm pivot bolt can attest to it. I broke it free with lots of heat, penetrating fluid and a 6' breaker bar. Granted that was from the steel bolt corroding in the engine. But regular maintenance and anti-seize on the bolt is all it takes. Almost every used bike I have bought has come with linkage bearings that need to be replaced, not a big job to do, but definitely shows that a lack of maintenance in this area results in bigger problems.
  14. Zappa

    Swingarm greasing

    The article published is more worried about applications where a significant amount of rev's over the lifetime is a bigger concern. Swingarm / Linkage bearings are only moving a fraction of that, so I'm not concerned about the grease being pushed part of a rotation where the total equivalent amount of rotations is very minimal to build up a lot of heat and cause the grease to cook I'm way more concerned about keeping water and dirt out of the bearings so they don't start corroding. FWIW, the amount of grease was just enough to have a thin coverage on the needles without occupying any of the extra space in the race. Lots of room for water to stay.