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  1. mxjosh

    Reed and Stewart new teammates?

    Ok I been gone for awhile so last I saw he signed with vodaphone to ride Honda. What did I miss!?
  2. mxjosh

    where will chad be?

    Yeah mc too. Riding a 93 cr in 94 and 95. Mc on the crappy 97 Suzuki.
  3. mxjosh

    where will chad be?

    might want to take down your rider pedestal. Pro's arent perfect. Not every rider can make every bike work. Ask Millsaps and Windham what they thought of the new Hondas. Would Reed be any different with even less time on the bike?
  4. mxjosh

    where will chad be?

    Has Reed come out and said it? Is kawasaki coming out and saying theyre not satisfied? Last time I checked, Reed has no obligation to any of us with how well he rides a bike or doesn't ride a bike. Its well documented that some bikes don't agree with all riders. Just cause a few people on here try to come up with a reason why Reed didn't look good nor do well consistently don't mean there giving anyone an easy way out (as if they need an easy way out in the first place).
  5. mxjosh

    where will chad be?

    Easy way out? Wth are you talking about?
  6. mxjosh

    where will chad be?

    It's either red or orange plastics. Looks like an aluminum frame which eliminates orange. You can figure it out from there.
  7. mxjosh

    where will chad be?

    riding with byrne yesterday. still on a honda. packing up kawi stuff
  8. mxjosh

    Roger DeCoster speaks

    I thought it was posted that alessi dropped his dad from his program already?
  9. mxjosh

    where will chad be?

    Not sure why everyone thinks Suzuki has no money. The Big 5 all made profits in 2009 and are in the Green for 2010. Any cuts you see are to keep it that way.
  10. mxjosh

    Reed and Kawasaki part ways

    How has racing been better? Dungey has won everything.
  11. mxjosh

    Reed and Kawasaki part ways

    What the heck are you talking about? Reed got hurt when his line and Stewarts collided but Stewart was already hurt before that. Reed was the only one hurt by the block pass. Stewart broke his wrist over a triple in a heat race that Reed wasn't even in.
  12. mxjosh

    Reed and Kawasaki part ways

    Reed and Stewart's injuries were avoidable but accidental. The tracks had nothing to do with it. RV's was the tracks fault as they were warned ahead of time that the triple needed to be fixed. It wasn't and we lost 2 riders to injury.
  13. mxjosh

    Pro Rider's MX / SX Practice Tracks

    ^^#3 hella funny!!
  14. mxjosh

    No more JS7

    Ouch, naughty fans...
  15. mxjosh

    What's going to happen to Andrew Short?

    How is yamaha screwed with Stewart? JS already signed with L&M again. I read a rumor thread that Monster is pulling their sponsorship with Kawi which would leave Reed out. And something about Thor no longer being worn by Reed either. Could be just unfounded rumors though. Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere but Vital.