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  1. RC_711


    Yes actually
  2. RC_711

    torque settings

    Can i do my top end without a torque wrench?
  3. RC_711

    CR125 idle

    Which way would i turn the air screw if i am having trouble getting my bike to idle?
  4. RC_711

    Post pics of your CR's

  5. RC_711

    cr 250 subframe

    Alright guys. Thanks.
  6. RC_711

    cr 250 subframe

    I have a 2000 cr250 and i need a new subframe for it. Are there ne other years that are interchangeble for that year. thanks
  7. RC_711

    2000 cr250

    i think this is the wrong place to put this. correct me if im wrong. That is a sweet bike tho i have like the exact same setup
  8. RC_711

    Whats Not Right?

    That is normal
  9. RC_711

    Want To Turn 03 CR250R Into Woods Bike

    how is that so
  10. RC_711

    most broke items on ur bikes

    I have fouled like 4 plugs this week if that counts
  11. RC_711

    Want To Turn 03 CR250R Into Woods Bike

    I have a 2000 cr250 and when i ride in the woods i foul plugs like it is my job. I run 50:1 also.
  12. RC_711


    Ok thanks. Yea mine chokes out like right after u let off the gas.
  13. RC_711


    I have a 2000 cr 250 and i cant find where to adjust the idle. Yes, i have read the manual. Does ne one have a clue? Maybe a diagram or pic? Thanks
  14. RC_711

    Jumping Help

    I really dont remember what happened. My friend had to tell me what happended. I like fliped over the handle bars and like summersalted or some shit and it bent and cracked my subframe. I kinda am used to the bike tho.
  15. RC_711

    most broke items on ur bikes

    I broke my subframe today