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  1. Norman_Foley

    Flexx bars

    I've run Flexx Bars on my enduro bikes for 12 years and just put the Flexx MTB bars on my Fat Bike. I tried Flexx Bars on my old trials bike years ago and don't run them anymore. I do feel that the absorb some of the subtle input on a trials bike. For me stock bend on my '18 Scorpa is fine, but I narrow the bars.
  2. Norman_Foley

    Scottish Six Days Trial

    I'm in NY, so most District 6 is a long ways for me. Lucky for me that I have a lot of other trials close by.... D4, 3D, NTR, Miller Ranch.
  3. Norman_Foley

    Will I get killed on a 250

    Domino black tube "Slow" trials throttle assembly is what you would need on a 250. The 125 is a little more nimble than the 250, especially for a smaller rider. I vote 125, but I ride one and it still has the Domino white tube "Fast" trials throttle assembly, that came stock.
  4. Norman_Foley

    Scottish Six Days Trial

    Travis Fox was top American last year. I bought my first modern trials bike from their shop... great people! For most American trials riders, it's a once in a lifetime trip. I'd love to go spectate. Canadian friend's entry was accepted this year, but he had to withdraw due to a work commitment.
  5. Norman_Foley

    Specific description of trials boots

    I left out a "not", as in not race or seriously trail ride in them. I wear Gaerne SG11's racing and trail riding. I think the latest version of the SG10, is like the SG11. It was a hybrid of SG10 and SG12 and only sold for a few years.
  6. Norman_Foley

    Specific description of trials boots

    Trials boots vary in support and protection. I used to wear Gaerne Balance Oiled boots. They are at the one extreme if you want a lot of flexibility and feel.... very soft and pliable, with no extra protection on toe or anywhere. The soles are very soft and don't have a steel shank. Once you break them in, they are more like tall slippers than boots. I now wear the new Alpinestars Tech T boots. They are at the other end, but still offer plenty of feel, with an reinforced toe cap, shift pad on both boots and more heel protection. A soft sole with good traction and peg feel, but a steel shank that gives you more support. They need a little more break in, but I'm not afraid to do other riding in them, but would do a serious fast trail ride or race in them. I'm much happier with the Tech T's, over the Balance Oiled.
  7. Norman_Foley

    Scottish Six Days Trial

    Zack Tustin from Ontario Canada is riding this year.
  8. Norman_Foley

    Will I get killed on a 250

    That sucks, but don't give up!
  9. Norman_Foley

    Where can I get a trials bike

    That's because there are tons of trials riders there, who start on 125's as kids...
  10. Norman_Foley

    Will I get killed on a 250

    Find your closest Trials Club and they will help you. I say an 80 or 125, but I'm an old guy who rides a 125...
  11. Norman_Foley


    Contact Jim Snell at Rising Sun Imports. He was the former parts distributor for Gas Gas and has the largest inventory of parts anywhere, especially for your vintage. He just posted complete 200 cranks,top ends and pistons on Facebook. He is presently the USA importer of TRS Motorcycles. http://www.trialspartsusa.com/how-to-order.html
  12. Norman_Foley

    Best Boots?

    After having Gaerne Balance Oiled for quite a few years, I switched to Alpinestars Tech T when they were released. Big improvement for me, is the sole shank in the Tech T. The Gaerne doesn't have this and soles are just too soft when working the edge of the pegs, for my old sore feet. Overall they are better protection than the super soft Gaerne boots. I got a super deal from Freestyle Extreme in the UK, but had to go with the Flo Yellow/Red colorway to get my size. I would have preferred the Oiled Brown.
  13. Norman_Foley

    The TE125 Thread

    '15 TE125 with 13/52 gearing, FMF Fatty, stock silencer with EE screen SA. I'm a 180 lbs and went up on the spring rates, forks and shock. I left jetting stock, only changing to larger main, pilot and richer needle for winter temps. Trail Rider Magazine said that after trying many combinations... stock settings worked best. I rode the bike for a whole season of trail riding, trail work, 7 enduros, 1 GNCC and a HS on the original piston and ring. The bike performed flawlessly all season and pulled me up all the hills and everywhere else. First bike in 10 years without an auto clutch too. At the end of the season, I took the top end down and all was good. I had the chance to buy complete low hour KTM 150 XC crank and top end. Guy had converted his '14 150 XC with 7 hours to a 200. I split the motor and did the conversion. The extra power and torque makes it easier to ride in out hilly terrain, but I was very happy with the 125... Great bike!
  14. Norman_Foley

    cr144 versus sx150

    Go over to Cafe Husky Italian 2 stroke section, find a 165 thread and look for wallybean. Walt builds the kits. He's in this thread.... http://www.cafehusky.com/threads/165-first-ride.82025/ You can try Hall's Husky or Bill's Motorcycles Plus, as they usually stock the kit.
  15. Norman_Foley

    Is my bike a husky or a ktm

    Husaberg production was moved to Austria in 2003 and 2004 model year and up bikes were produced there. So traditional Husabergs were built at Mattinghofen, well before the 70 degree bikes were introduced. Quality was greatly improved over the Swedish built bikes.