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  1. arshishb

    Well its time...

    Correction, I meant the BMW K1200R. Aprilia is just gorgious & I have heard 1 fly by me on the road & wow that twin sounds sweet. KTM was NOT at the show & that really upset me,not that I can afford any of the bikes that I would like to have The show was pretty good overall, just about every bike available & soon to be available was there. Nice to fiddle with the bikes & no annoying salesman to bother you
  2. arshishb

    Well its time...

    I looked at the Vee before I got the DR, almost bought one but things didnt work out financialy that time. I really wanted to sit 2 up at the show last week but there were a bunch of clowns who surrounded the vee & were just not moving :ride:
  3. arshishb

    Well its time...

    #1 Just want her to be comfy on my long distance tour that we are planning #2 Hey man had I had the money I would have bought an Aprilia RSV Tuono or the BMW GS1200 but reality kicks in & guess what I can afford an FZ #1 Same bike or different bike, the point is to ride & have a good time riding, otherwise we would just stick to our cages was it not for the fun on 2 wheels
  4. arshishb

    Well its time...

    I am 5'11 & about 170 lbs. Heres what I tried 1up & 2up at the show FZ1 - comfy for 2 up FZ6 - better comfy than FZ1 as less agressive position SV650 - comfy but pillion didnt liker her seat Ninja 650R - Most comfy for both but I really dislike the looks, just repells me instantly 919 - Second in comfort after the Ninja but price tag is a putoff, cant comment on the 599 as it was not there Pillion found FZ6 most comfy as she didnt like the feeling of being taller than me on other bikes. We were both same level & that makes for a comfy & good riding position. Her can be the reason for this, she is 5'6
  5. arshishb

    Sealer for valve covers?

    What he said. I noticed on my DR there was a small leak coming from the cylinder head & going to the spark plugs. I just applied some "black silicone gasket sealer" over the leaking spot & I havent seen any leaks since. As for the valve inspection covers, just screw them back on.
  6. arshishb

    Well its time...

    Nope, no missing or pissing here Sure, once I get good in the dirt (if I ever do) may be I just move to bigger/quicker bike than a 250 or 350. But for now, for my intended use, I will not be missing the DR.
  7. arshishb

    Well its time...

    I will keep the XT in mind, but it will come much later than the FZ as I will be quite "empty" after buying it. But I see what you mean. Thanks for the suggestion. In the meantime, know anyone who wants a nice 2004 DR650 ?
  8. arshishb

    Well its time...

    You are almost right, FZ6 is slightly higher revving but its not a sport bike by any means. I tried it 2 up & not only was sitting position comfortable for me but my wife as well, we tried many bikes at International Motorcycle Show in NYC. 5 gallon tank standard & on normal day to day commuter riding you can easily get 50MPG & when you feel like you can scream it at 13000 RPM. Plus at 6K OTD I think it is a reasonably priced good quality machine which has been revised over the years its been introduced since 2004. Once I get the FZ6 I will be getting a low cc dual sport , simply because with ZERO off road experience, a 250-350 cc would be ideal for me. Hence the DR needs to go. If you think 400lbs is too much for a 600, look at the FZ1. Which I would have got if it wasnt 2.5K more than the FZ6.
  9. arshishb

    Well its time...

    Who said I am going away from the "off road" forever I have a plan in mind Weak or no weak, its what you prefer at the end of the day & it took me a while to figure out what I prefer for a particular use.
  10. arshishb

    Well its time...

    Hi everyone, After lots of thought, sleepless nights, nervous breakdowns, paranoia .... I have decided to let go of my beloved DR. After riding & doing a few mods I have just realised very slowly that its just not for me. Dont get me wrong, its a great bike & it does what its supposed to do really well but for a 100% road going person like me, it just leaves me a lot to desire. I have decided to move to the FZ6 I have learnt a lot from the TT community & I am really greatful for all the helpful insight that you guys have provided me. That being said, a 2004 DR650 with 10500 miles for sale in the Central NJ area for sale @ 3200 OBO. I posted a classified at advrider with more details http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=199030 PM me, email me with any questions or (GASP!) an offer !
  11. arshishb

    Wanting stock trailwings.

    I too am looking for a set, anyone ?
  12. arshishb

    Fair Price?

    It is a good deal, considering it has the goodies that you would end up installing on it anyway. Someone has gone through the hassle of buying those goodies & installing it. Do take a test ride & make sure the bike pleases you & you have a smile when you get off it. If it does, buy it.
  13. arshishb

    Post your pipes !

    We all know that the FMF Q2 is very popular here at TT & from what I can gauge, it is the quitest among the after market pipes. However I am sure there are other options out there. For reference, post what pipe you are using in the following form : 1)Pipe name 2)How is the sound 3)What are the power gains compared to stock (Assuming with a jet kit) 4)What is the downside
  14. arshishb

    KTM pricing

    Wow I feel bad for you guys, is it the case with any bike or just KTM ? No way in hell am I going to MORE than MSRP. Heck you negotiate to come below MSRP not pay more ! I looked at the 525 EXC which is street legal, but why does it have a smaller tank than its brother 525 SXC (I am not sure which one but it has a bigger tank than the street legal version)
  15. arshishb

    DR650SE questions

    I thought it was the lower one that needed to be removed Crap I gota put that back on then