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  1. Where did you find the carbon tank cover?
  2. I have a 2002 Yz250 with forks, triple clamps and rear shock off an 06 yz250. Rear shock bolts up no problem. The 02 stem needs to be pressed out and installed on the newer triples. The steering stop on the 02 steel frame will need to be modified for the newer lower triple clamp. And the SSS forks are better.
  3. GarrettL

    drowned my CRF450R & now it won't start

    Wouldn't have happened if you weren't riding the muddy trails!!
  4. GarrettL

    Revloc dynaring

    Strongly considering buying one for MX. Does anyone know if these things can take the abuse of MX or are they more geared towards easier trail riding?
  5. GarrettL

    MX tattoos

    my favorite
  6. GarrettL

    No more JS7

    predictable... Take your ball and go home James.
  7. GarrettL

    Fuel injection on a yz250 two stroke?

    very innovative...definitely impressed.
  8. GarrettL

    First race in 9yrs

  9. GarrettL

    motorcycle hitch carrier

    I made mine and used it all the time with no issues.
  10. GarrettL

    bubbas world

    It was terrible...a bunch of retards blowing through their(Jame's) money.
  11. GarrettL

    Grants move on Allessi on "The Moto"

    I agree. Tony A comes off being a real A-hole on tv.
  12. GarrettL

    10,000 to 75,000 now

    http://www.okmotocross.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=232:track-sued-part-2&catid=25:oklahoma-motocross&Itemid=2 Some more info.
  13. GarrettL

    Rhino lining my engine covers?

    Not engine covers but still along the same lines. Had it done at the lineX place for 20 bucks. Cleaned up very nicely and held up fantastically. Sadly I dont have this bike anymore.
  14. GarrettL

    Street Bike recommendations...

    I have a 07 GSXR750 and while its a fantastic bike...probably not the greatest 1st timers learning bike. Get the SV!!