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    Reusing a base Gasket on a 2005 KX250F

    Well, I reused the base gasket....it worked. No leak so everything is going smooth now.
  2. MxAllStar87

    Reusing a base Gasket on a 2005 KX250F

    Well initially I needed to change the piston rings and the valves on my 05 KX250F. We ordered the parts but our dealer "North American Warhorse" kept messing up orders. First it turned out the piston rings didn't come until about 3 day later than the the other parts. We then found out it needed new valves so we ordered them. Warhorse messed up the order again only ordering 3 valves instead of 4. We even overnited the shipment and the 3 valves didn't come till 1 week later. So then we told them we needed four and they overnited that one and it was in the next day. Now we just found out while we are putting this bike back together that they gave us 2 head gaskets and no base gasket. We have the original base gasket that was on the bike. I was just wondering if it is possible to reuse this gasket. I have been off the bike for 4 weeks and I am getting irritated with the stupidity of our dealer. If we order a new base gasket it won't be here until tuesday of next week (08/15/06). So is it and would it be a bad idea to reuse the base gasket?