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  1. yamaha259

    James Stewart in for U.S. open

    I agree, like I said, anything could have happened, and it did, look who won it, there was a couple of people who have won, it all came down to numbers game.
  2. Red Dog and Reedy had a "little" heated discussion on Reedy's riding.
  3. yamaha259

    my finals...,,, Which pipe?

    I have heard 98-99DB on the 450F, but don't quote on that one. A buddy of mine has this set up and he rides in the low to mid power range all the time. He has the vortex x10 ignition, and DR.D "D" Pipe, with have the same bikes, but I had to gear mine down one tooth. He says his is fine with the stock gearing the way it is set up. The reason I say this, mine is piped and a few other mods, but I'm still missing that bottom power I had on my 2002. So try the vortex x10 and DR.D pipe or go with cams if you are serious.
  4. yamaha259

    Justin Brayton IOWA CORNFED AND BRED

    The KTM's sound different on the top end.
  5. yamaha259

    My New L/E 08 CRF450R!!!

    Those are some nice looking bikes!!
  6. What a crazy race, I can't wait to see it on CBS!!
  7. yamaha259

    my finals...,,, Which pipe?

    You know, for trails riding, I think the DR.D pipe would be your best bet. Dr.D focuses on improving the low to mid power of the bike.
  8. yamaha259

    My New L/E 08 CRF450R!!!

    I would have preferred if they had made a David Bailey Replica, than that metal Mulisha wanna be, just my opinion. I will start calling people with black bikes, "EMO", like the kids say these days. Hey, congrats on the new bike .
  9. yamaha259

    Go Fro!!

    I feel his pain, there were guys I used to help out with their riding, now they are way faster than!! Well they also about 15 years younger than me and there is no way in hell they even allow me to be in front of them.
  10. yamaha259

    The Talking Finally Stopped Says Rv

    Ahhh... nice try, but that wasn't my point.
  11. yamaha259

    MXoN back to USA? And USGP?

    It is a win win situation, the Europeans will get to improve in some areas, and the Americans will have a renewed interest, since they will be racing against unknown riders. For us fans, it is awesome!!!
  12. yamaha259

    has anyone met James Stewart?

    Yeah, that is what I keep telling people on here, James and RC have a lot of time for each. Racing is racing, but they respect each other. Also the hard work ethic is what differentiates them from the average joe, natural talent is there ofcourse.
  13. yamaha259

    James Stewart in for U.S. open

    Anything could have happened had he stayed in, look at what happened in the Lites East-West shootout, the guys expected to win didn't, due to unfortunate events.
  14. yamaha259

    Carmichael done!!

    He will be fine, he is in great shape(understatement) and young. It seems these guys and girls work their bodies so hard, they need a break every now and then. I can see in the future, as it is already evident, more riders doing one or the other discipline, MX or SX and not both, just to allow for some rest.
  15. yamaha259

    2005 Yz 250f, good bike?

    My bad!! LOL...it is all good.