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  1. I am back at it again buying a used new used bike and teaching the granddaughter to ride


    Gasket vs Gasket Sealant

    I agree with William, Remember all those shims? Gasket is going to be thicker and they know how much it compresses if you torque bolts to spec. Even if someone says it's ok, why risk it. Engineers have been doing this for a while now, I'd trust what was already there or manual.

    Exhaust Pipe Leakage

    You could pop a new O'ring in just as fast as it would take you to fool around with silicone.

    Exhaust Pipe Leakage

    New O'ring.

    Car problems

    With what you found, curious as to what it was being inspected for?

    Hydro-Graphing the inside of Van

    ^^^ What he said. Back looks very nice.

    Clutch Help?

    Follow this drawing, and I'll try to explain. The bolts hold everything together. Your outer plate #13187 is what moves. The springs are always trying to push this plate into the clutch friction plates which in turn gives you your engagement. To disengage the clutch your cable hooks to the arm #13102, and the arm pushes a rod #46102 that pushes that outer plate away from the clutch disks. How do we troubleshoot......... First, leave the cable out of the picture for now. Grab the arm and see if you can move it by hand. Do you feel resistance as it moves? Put the bike in gear, and while holding arm forward, can you move the bike? If so, then it is in the cable or adjustment. If not, then there is something going on. Without engaging the clutch arm can you put it in gear and does it roll freely? Somethings wrong if it does. Let's check the clutch setup. According to your manual, how many friction disks, and how many smooth plates should you have, and do you have the right number of them? Next, when you tighten the bolts, are the springs fully compressing? They shouldn't. The bolt should bottom out before the spring does.

    Valve Spring Pressures

    Even if you knew the answer to that question, how could you (the common man, without LVDT's Strain Gauges Etc..) dynamically check it? They give you static dimensions. :busted:

    Will Not Start

    Why not. There are good and bad mechanics everywhere. You can have bad mechanics at motorcycle shops too. I had a shop break my rings installing a piston once on my H-D (it was warranty work) It's also the number one reason I wrench on my own stuff. Don't get me wrong, there are good mechanics out there too! Ask around. If you know a machine shop that does good work, go for it.


    Ummmm...... I know what the batwing voodoolord posted does. So what is the batwing in the air box suppose to do?

    cr 125 gearing for muddy terrain.

    I agree. Gearing is being able to put the power/torque to the rear wheel. Are there hill climbs? Are they steep? A CR125 needs to be on the pipe, and by being on the pipe means controlling traction. Tire Grip is number one in mud. You can gear it low so that you'll have ummpphh to make a hill, this will make it really hard to keep from slipping, but he can short shift in mud to help traction. There is a balancing act when it comes to gearing, and mud. Stock gearing should be fine. When his power band kicks in also would determine gearing for control. Aftermarket pipes will change that scenario. My $0.02 worth Good luck to your boy

    Can I get an AMEN!!!

    I was with you right up until the Chevy Part. At least we agree on the smoker

    2002 Exhaust Question

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Can I get an AMEN!!!

    Since getting my CRF450R, I have been neglecting my CR250. It sat in the shop for 7 months just waiting. I took it out Sunday. It started after the 5th Kick, and didn't skip a beat after 4 hours of riding. :busted: I'll never let her go!!!

    Winter fun, Alaska style!

    Lookin good. Makes me want to get mine out once the snow fly's. Then again....It looks COLD!!!!