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  1. thrillbillie56

    Project KDX 220R - The Rebuild

    So here I am. It's Tuesday. And I've been eagerly awaiting an update (the Thumpertalk body as a whole DEMANDS pics:busted:). I've been following this rebuild for quite some time and I'm honestly excited to see the outcome:thumbsup:
  2. thrillbillie56

    Pagoda Helmet Cam

    That track looks really cool actually. Thanks for sharing Since you asked what we thought, I'll tell you (at least what I thought). The camera appears to be recording audio and video well, so kudos on the purchase. I know they aren't cheap. Why is the camera mounted at an angle? I almost tipped out of my chair watching the video:D If possible, turn the camera more forward so that your helmet isn't so far into the frame. I know its hard to do (I assume its a wide angle lens?), but it's just an observation:prof: I know I'm picky, but like I said; thank you for showing us. I hope to see more from you.
  3. thrillbillie56

    What's a decent jack of all trades bike?

    Application wise, the newer 250 four strokes would get the job done well. There are two issues; one being the fact that you really need to know how to maintain the newer four strokes so that you can protect your investment, and two being that they are just that, an investment. If you want motocross ability, don't touch the 230s of any brand; unless you want to dump a lot of time and money into it. However, they are very very low maintenance and mild enough for even the most uncoordinated, rank beginner.
  4. thrillbillie56

    Easter Weekend Practice Pics

    Great pics MotoEye!
  5. thrillbillie56

    Easter Weekend Practice Pics

    I assume he is fast and the centrifugal force of his turn is what keeps him from snacking on the track... Or maybe he isn't fast, and he dumped it right after the pic was taken:excuseme:
  6. thrillbillie56

    taming down 450f

    Get a high quality clutch pack and work your left hand out a lot/get a hydraulic clutch. It worked for me.
  7. thrillbillie56

    Who has the nicest boat???????????????

    Before we cleaned her up real purty and removed that hideous antifouling paint. 1987 Wellcraft Gransport. 34' hull, 38' overall, 12.5' beam. Custom trailer(this boat was NEVER meant to be trailered). Twin 454 MerCruisers with V-drive inboards.
  8. Total I maintain 6 machines(which between my father and I, we own). 3 CRFs. 2 vintage Honda dirtbikes. 1 vintage Yamaha 3-wheeler.
  9. thrillbillie56


    I certainly hope not. That would be the first Saw movie to actually disturb me. It would give me moto-mares! haha
  10. thrillbillie56

    Hey Dad, watch this

    That was funny! I watched some of your other videos; very cool, reminds me of the good old days:ride: What camera was that? The GoPro?
  11. thrillbillie56


    Nevermind the meat grinding, unreasonably cold, flesh ripping nature of your activities. How much does that thing weigh?!
  12. thrillbillie56

    smoking weed.

    Please, just leave.lol But then again, the greenies relate to people like you...you can stay:thumbsup:
  13. thrillbillie56

    smoking weed.

    Oh yes, take it from a wrestler(another sport where cardio is quite important), weed is like going down to one lung. You wont notice it just walking around, but any time you elevate your breathing, it just kills you.
  14. thrillbillie56

    crf250x vs. 250sxf 2004-2007 what should i buy

    Two things: One, wrong forum. Two, I would never ride anything other than my 450R in the woods; I'm not the best rider on the planet and god only knows I dont need that little bit of extra weight speeding towards oncoming trees. And who needs a headlight?
  15. thrillbillie56

    So you think your Quad is fast?

    You know, I dont own a quad, nor have I ever ridden one on a track, but I think that any kid with a TRX90 would spank that thing(on a track of course). And I know that brands like BMW are all the rage over there, but like jj-mo-14 said, there are much smaller motors putting out numbers like that, so it seems like maybe the weight of a V12 would kill the bike's performance??? But other than that, its cool. Definately a testosterone-toy.