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  1. skidlid

    yz250f 06-09 factory graphics

    There is a guy on Craigslist in Minneapolis that bought some of jlaws old decal kits. Was on there Sunday http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/mpo/5498723540.html
  2. skidlid

    Lisfranc surgery

    Not the doc but I had a lisfranc operation on 8.28.13. It was a longer healing process than I had hoped but I am back on the road to recovery. Wish you the best!
  3. skidlid

    When do you call it quits?

    I have been down this road many times. I am 42 as I write this. I broke my metatarsals in my foot 3 weeks ago at a race. I had surgery to repair last week. It was a dumb deal cased a double and the bike fell over on my foot. Not a jump I expected to get hurt on. Past experience for me says it is easy to say you are going to quit when you are fresh from an injury. Wait to you are healed up to decide! I have said I quit many times in the past only to always come back. I hope to be back at the track when spring comes around, if not I have enjoyed my 20+ years of racing!
  4. skidlid


    Sounds great, hopefully it heals well and as fast as possible.
  5. skidlid


    That is what they are talking about doing. My ankle is already basically fused will having this joint fused also effect my movement at all?
  6. skidlid


    They did talk about fusing a couple of the metatarsal joints, is this something you would advise also?
  7. http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa283/skidlid871/Scan69.jpg Dr Mark, I broke my metatarsals on Wednesday night. The file above is of the xray taken in the er that night. The following day I had a catscan done and the surgeon has decided to repair in two weeks with a screw on the first metatarsal, a plate and some screws on the second and maybe a pin on the third or fourth. He is waiting for the swelling to go down first. He did align everything up a little better after the catscan. I have little to no pain as long as I do not put weight on them. I am on crutches at this time. Does his plan sound good, and what time frame do you think I would be looking at for recovery?
  8. skidlid

    plates and screws

    I had a plate and ten screws in my ankle for a winter. It felt much worse in the winter. I removed them after one year. I think it was the best decision for me.
  9. I have a similar leg, it took a year but got back on the bike and have now slowly gotten my speed back. Confidence takes the longest to heal.
  10. skidlid

    Ankle brace?

    Similar looking leg, I wore braces for 5 years under my boots. In 09 I got a pair of Sidi srs boots. The ankle braces are gone and do not miss them! As the others have said a really good pair of boots do not need the braces.
  11. skidlid

    Opinion on Bersitis of elbow?

    Do you think it is possible that you have torn your tricep? I had a an issue in 09 from a crash where I think I dislocated my elbow and possible tore something. I recovered but my tricep looks different now. Two weeks ago when down in a start and dislocated my elbow. I went to the hospital this time. They say I have some slight tearing of the ligaments. I hope to heal up soon. I understand what you mean with the pain on the bottom of the elbow. Since the first time my tricep extensions with that arm have been quite poor. They where almost back to normal till two weeks ago.
  12. skidlid

    Baggett throws a one hander.

    Bagget is also my new favorite racer. I liked how he charged throught the pack last year and now he has improved on that more.
  13. skidlid

    Millville national.

    Meadow valley is just down the road. Kellog usually has open practice that week . In the past they raced that Sunday but not this year, I believe Millville has a race after the national this year. Quite a few tracks in that area of MN.
  14. skidlid

    04 yz250f big bore

    I had an 04 with a 290, crazy bottom end. With the correct jetting the top didn't sign off so much. Only bad thing was I became a bit lazy with all that bottom end power. Ran good for a couple years than had the intake valves fail. I did start with a new bottom end when I first but it on. Clutch lasted over a year at a time.
  15. I have mine under the visor and really like it there. The only down side would be getting the goggles on before a race at the line. It is a tight squeeze.