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  1. YamahaRider351

    03' yz250f hard to start

    my 2003 yz250f is ready to sell but as i am going over the bike and try to start it i cant get it to start for the longest time. it took me maybe 20 or more kicks to finally get it to start up and idle. then it makes loud poping noises when i revv up the motor until it is fully warmed up (after maybe 2 or 3 minutes of idling). i know it is cold out but it has never done this before. any suggestions would be great.
  2. i have a 2003 yz250f and i recently changed my oil in my bike for like the 10th time and this time i accidentally put in a little more than the manual said (around .15 of a liter too much with the oil filter changed.) so instead of the 1.1 liters there should be in there there is somewhere around 1.2-1.35 i am guessing in my engine. then today i started the bike and it took quite a long time to start and usually it starts in like 3 kicks no matter what. this time it took atleast 20. then when it started it didnt sound right and seemed to rev out much much faster then it used to. it was also backfiring but once i ran it for about 2 minutes the backfiring stopped. then i saw it shooting some type of white/blue flame out of the exhaust when i revved it up. i no that this cant be normal. any answers? PLEASE!!
  3. YamahaRider351

    2002 yz250f intake valve clearance ?

    my feeler guage was too wide to fit in between the cam housing either cutt your feeler auge down or your local ktm dealer if there is one should sell skinny ones and they work just fine
  4. YamahaRider351


    try lookin for a cheap one on ebay
  5. YamahaRider351


    id have to say your valve clearance is out of spec
  6. YamahaRider351


    i run a 14/48 on my 03 250f and for mx tracks it is really nice and in tighter tracks you just have to learn to keep it pinned and your momentum up all the time. my 3rd gear can clear most of the jumps i hit at my local tracks
  7. YamahaRider351

    rear wheel alignment

    when you have the adjusting bolts tight and the locking nuts tight use a tape measure to measure the length of the bolts and make them the same. this is what i do every time i adjust my chain.
  8. YamahaRider351

    valve shims

    to determine the shim size pullout the cams and lifters and read the number on the shim. if you cant read the number use a micrometer to figure out the size. you can then use the chart to figure out the new size you need.
  9. YamahaRider351

    hydralic clutch

    in my opinion it isnt worth it. yeah it automatically adjusts and doesnt fade, and makes the pull easier. but most modern bikes with cable clutches are very easy to pull anyways, yeha you have to adjust them every once in a while, but if you think adjusting your clutch is a pain in the but you probably shouldnt own a bike. and if the pull does become hard to pull in but a 15$ cable and swap out the old one. i dont think having a hydralic clutch is worthe the 200$ it sells for and if youve got a four stroke you probably dont use it all that hard.
  10. YamahaRider351

    Sudden Death

    if the motor will turn over, it has spark and backfires, your valve clearances should be checked. this process is very easy to do and takes lkess than an hour to check them. if you have an service manual for your bike follow the steps for checking your clearances and if they are out of spec use the chart provided to find the right sized shims. make sure your motor is at TDC when you are checking them and if you need to replace the shims and take the cams out put a piece of long wire around your cam chain to keep it from falling into the motor. also if you take the cams out be careful to not drop the clips into the motor also. if that happens you will either have to fish em out or take the left side case off and then find it. which is not fun because you also have to drain the oil to take the case off. Hope this helps you out and good luck!
  11. YamahaRider351

    front wheel bearings

    the front wheel bearings n my 03 250f are shot and i need to replace them i know how to get the new ones in but not how to get the old ones out. any suggestions?
  12. YamahaRider351

    YZF valve life

    i also have an 03 yz250f and i try to check my valve clearances every 5 to 10 rides. as for how long the valves will last im not sure but after changing my top end recently my valves were holding up just fine
  13. YamahaRider351

    YZ 250F Seized Today.

    did any oil leak out? if it did check all drain plugs hoses and lines. also make sure that all of the little orings in your oil filter cover were installed properly. if you dont find the problem, did you put in the right amount of oil? i always add just a tad extra when i change out the oil in my bike
  14. YamahaRider351

    is it time?

    you should pull the head cover off and check the clearances with a feeler gauge. if you own a service manual find out if they have proper clearances. if they do not then use the chart in the service manual to figure out what size shims you need and then replace the old shims. BE CAREFUL TO NOT DROP THE TIMING CHAIN, CLIPS, OR SHIMS INTO THE MOTOR!!! this proccess only takes roughly an hour.
  15. YamahaRider351

    2003 yz250f won't start any suggestions would be awesome

    found the problem. i had flipped the intake shims when adjusting them and had the left intake shim in the right intake. there was also a bad wire going to the ignition box