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    baker lake washington

    I am from Canada coming down to baker lake washington to ride a race mid july. And was wondering if you can ride down there besides the race and what legal issues I need to be aware of before I ride. Any other info would be appreciated!!!!! thanks in advance!
  2. captain_ktm

    Front brake problem

    Jeb, I cannot offer any suggestions but as well feel your pain... Dont feel down, because if anyone can do it. It would be you. Now with that said I will say that I have to try each of these methods too because of a race this weekend and I will be following riders through the bush and there is nothing worse than going down a wooded down hill in fourth gear and that pattented squeeling from your front end dissapears and you have to pump your right hand like you did with your wife on your wedding night!!!!!!!!! Even with a ten thousand dollar camera strapped to your back and a two thousand dollar helmet cam on your head.it deffinately will get interesting. I have heard that this following method will work and am going to give it a try. After reverse bleading the brakes hang them by the master cylinder with the lever pulled in over night and the calliper compressed.... somehow some way all those little neck breaking bubbles will work their way to the top. That my two cents and I hope for my cameras sake it works.... Check out video footage of the race in a couple of weeks at www.dirttv.net
  3. captain_ktm

    Spring Has Sprung in the Rockies

    where in the kananaskis? livingstone area perhaps?????? will you be at the huntervalley hare scramble this sunday??????? waiparus area has had no snow for a while is maclean any good now? nice pics ....... When are we goin ridin? Can dirt girl come too?
  4. captain_ktm

    2002 200 EXC Opinions ?

    The wifes 200 puts any jap 250 bike too shame.......(in the bush!!) in Canada we had to lean it out pretty good but it ripps now Some xtras are- carbon fiber skid plate -carbon fiber front rotor guard -fmf power core 2 silencer (ripps!!!) -#7 slide -48 pilot -172 main -enduro engineering sissy pull lever -bark busters -pro tapers carbon fiber pipe guard. I have always said if they didnt make the exc 400(that is what I ride) I would walk........no RUN to the ktm dealer and buy a 200 exc. now all I have to do is make her let me ride it!!!!
  5. I alone have not had it happen but the brother in law did. When you open it you will see three little silver dots. Each 1/8 in diameter (kinda silver looking with a hint of copper) these are the contacts,when one is touching the short is disengaged. what we did was file the leading edge of the red button so it will come out farther and disengage the engine short circuit.because that is what was happening. the start wont work unless the kill switch is open. Does this make sense......if not look close to the tri pattern of dots. hope this helps! [ May 01, 2002: Message edited by: captain ktm ]
  6. captain_ktm

    400EXC vs YZ426

    Ask yourself why yamaha changed from a 400 to a 426 and made other changes as well? How long did the yzf 400 last ....what a couple years....if that? they didnt get it right the first time ....thats why! They dont call it a YAMAHARD TO START for nothin....... Hell you have to go through another grade in highschool up in canada here just to learn how to start one of those pigs!!!!!!! If you have calves the size of hulk hogan you maybe have nothin to worry about but me im just a whimpy lumberjack/curler from Canada and and I have electric start!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The KTM exc has made minimal changes since y2k.....thats because the machine works. But lets not be negative about the whole "YZF WHATEVER YAH CALL IT" thing it is a good bike, but for woods riding I would rather ride than start my bike 100 times a day! (boy am I gonna hear about this one)!!!!!!
  7. captain_ktm

    brand new website

    www.dirttv.net Hope you like it!
  8. captain_ktm

    Graphic Kits for Grey Plastics?

    www.acerbis.com they carry all types silver,black and orange for your ktm..... mine is an exc 400 2001...all black! I just went to the site and they have black and orange but not grey.The funny thing is that is who we got our grey plastic for the wifes 200. maybe you could call your dealer and see if he lists it. [ January 11, 2002: Message edited by: captain ktm ]
  9. captain_ktm

    400 EXC or 200 EXC

    www.ktm-racetech.com It's the premiere host of all ktm forums. You can find out most anything about all ktm's As one said to go with the "ceet" foam if you ride alot sitting down. There is an easy fix to this...... Remove seat Remove seat cover Turn stock ktm seat foam upside down Drill a series of holes (1/2" in diameter)about 1" down.....about 10-20 deciding on how soft you require install seat and cover and remount your super soft seat.....custom fit for your pleasure! All ktm seats are hard but if you dont proceed with this mod you will get used to it! Enjoy!
  10. captain_ktm

    400 EXC or 200 EXC

    (SARCASM) im just having fun
  11. captain_ktm

    400 EXC or 200 EXC

    you read as well as you spell
  12. captain_ktm

    400 EXC or 200 EXC

    I forgot to mention that I was speaking of a 2001 not a 2002!!!!!!!! My 2002 price for a 400 exc is 9100$ plus 7% tax no shipping. Canadian. Lets compare apples to apples......
  13. captain_ktm

    400 EXC or 200 EXC

    Sounds to me like I've been called a liar! Thats ok with me..........! If you want to pay those prices all the power to you. I would rather save my hard earned money myself. I will make you a deal ....... you give me what you would normally pay for a ktm.I will ship you the bike at no charge and then we will all be happy and I will be walkin around with a cool 500-1000$ cold cash! I have no problem being called a liar when I make that kind of money! My wife says I'm being ignorant but all I'm trying to do is help. Good luck to you on your venture and trust me if you dont buy a ktm only you will suffer. As far as putting the big tank on the 200,I would not do it.The tank that comes stock would probably take you to china and back. But if you didnt believe me about the prices why would you believe me about the tank? Remember one thing in life.......It's not what you know it's who you know. And believe me gentlemen I didnt come to this site to make enemies just friends......so no offense taken. happy hunting. If you are serious about a purchase in Canada send me a personal message....I'd love to help.
  14. captain_ktm

    400 EXC or 200 EXC

    We ride alot of tight goat trails from anywhere from 3000 to 6000 feet asl. Some cut lines but try and stick to the trees for tight woods riding. My wifes 200 is not loud at all......stock pipe but a fmf powercore 2 silencer with eline carb fiber pipe guard. cnadian price on a 2001 exc 400 is 8600$ plus 7% sales tax. works out to be around 5400$ american or a little more! We also payed 6700$ canadian for the 2000 exc 200 and 7500$ canadian for the 2000 exc 400. I bet no american dealer can beat that. My wife is also western national and provincial 2000 champ in cross country and hare scambles in the advanced ladies class........she beats most men!!!!!! I love that girl!!!!!
  15. captain_ktm

    400 EXC or 200 EXC

    Well can I help you out on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a 2000 exc 400 some xtras. My wifes bike is a 2000 exc 200 lots of xtras. That little 200 is nothing to sneeze at either. IT RIPPS!!!! I said it before and I'll say it again if ktm did not make the exc 400 I would walk..........no run to the ktm dealer and purchase an exc 200! I love my 400 like no other machine in the world........(period!) I used to look at other new bikes and drool and say to myself ....boy I sure would like to have that bike! Where as now there is no other bike I would really have rather than mine. I've spent some time on a drz,xr,yzf and I'm not saying there bad and they do have there place.....but not in my garage. there is a reason the ktm fourstrokes are called RFS.........these are serious bikes and should be maintained as such! Bottom line is that as far as your application is concerned the 400 in my opinion is the way to go......but with the proper adjustments(ie. clutch lever,jetting,pipe,silencer& bark busters), You cant go wrong with the 200exc. I hope this helps!