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  1. tonibaloney

    Spring SoCal Thumpette gathering

    sooo, it still sounds as there's no concrete date yet.... or did i miss something and need to re-read?? where's pg??? busy busy gal:p snork, you wanna pool? where's that trailer?
  2. tonibaloney

    Spring SoCal Thumpette gathering

    i'm in. i'll keep checking back for a concrete date.
  3. tonibaloney

    Napalm Racing Air Fliter Srcrew

    GREAT PRODUCT! I recently bought a UNI air filter for the 150. The stock filter screw would NOT work because the filter was so thick it kept the screw from connecting. The Napalm screw is longer which makes it wayyyy easier to screw in. A+ http://napalmracing.com/
  4. tonibaloney

    new bars

    Renthal makes a 150R "adult bend". They're pretty nice.
  5. tonibaloney

    how do you start your 150?

    It IS a "modification" of sorts isn't it? Mine is a bitch to start cold, PERIOD. After that, it's a breeze. It's an '08, what to do? Deal with it? I can live with that.
  6. tonibaloney

    KLX 300 value?

    AHA! that makes sense. well now you can pass that info to the next guy that calls you offering $1500:thumbsup:
  7. tonibaloney

    KLX 300 value?

    that's what i'm doin!
  8. tonibaloney

    KLX 300 value?

    sounds like the usual low ballers trying to get it for less. i'm trying to sell mine too, good luck.
  9. tonibaloney

    KLX 300 value?

    http://www.kbb.com/KBB/OtherVehicles/PricingReport.aspx?VehicleId=OS8xMi8yMDA3fDcyMDkw&ManufacturerId=213&VehicleClass=Motorcycle&PriceType=Retail&YearId=2000 i think it varies with your location. i entered a northern ca zip code. try it yourself... http://www.kbb.com/KBB/Default.aspx i hope my links work:excuseme:
  10. tonibaloney

    Searching for OEM KLX300 odo/trip meter

    if you haven't found one yet, i think i can dig mine from somewhere out of the garage for you.
  11. def get the acr mod done!! especially if you gf is riding it and is having a hard time starting it! brewster did mine for me. i was having a really hard time starting it and it's sooo easy to start now after the mod. even after i dump it... which happens quite a bit. brewster is in ca too by the way.
  12. tonibaloney

    klx300, good beginner bike?

    i'm 5'4" and don't have any problems with seat height while kicking it.
  13. tonibaloney

    What should i do?

    man that really sucks to hear! good luck with your fix!
  14. tonibaloney

    Northern California - Bigbob, KevinXR and all

    the bay area is a dump. i'd trade you places anyday.
  15. tonibaloney

    Really chokes down klx

    sound meaner? that's a new one.