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  1. Unfortunely, the United States is becoming a socialist government and no longer working towards true freedom. The only role for government should be to protect a free market system. The EU and WTO should also play a "protecting" role. The trade deficite in our country is huge, and you can thank your "elected" government for it. Tarriffs and taxes have never in history created wealth for anybody. Tarriffs cause wars and create walls between countrys and men. In a free market, the U.S. can sell their beef to whom every would like to buy it. If nobody chooses to buy it, maybe they (beef companies) realise it is because of the additives and remove them. U.S. automakers can export vehicles and KTM can import bikes without the addition of tarriffs pushing their prices to an uncompetitive level. This is not very a difficult concept to understand. It is a shame that the U.S. has become so "unAmerican." Sorry for the misspellings -I really need "spell check."
  2. burgunder

    What silencer is for me?

    I have the new stealth and will not recomend anything else. I have used the stock one, and the fmf shorty. The stealth has the best power, will pass the DB tests, has a SA, and isn't very heavy. Read the sticky at the top of the page.
  3. In the past 3 years I have gone from a 2003 yz250f, to a 2005 yz125 bored and ported to 144cc, now to a 2006 yz250. I like every one of the bikes. The 250f scared me do to the $2000 bill that would come sooner or later. The 144 was great - Super lite and fast. I did not keep it long enough to know if it would be reliable. I rode it for around 10 hours (hour meter installed.) I had the opportunity to get the yz250 for a great price. Soon after I bough the 250, the yz144 was sold. I will ride a 250 two stroke as long a somebody makes one from now one. I couldn't be happier with my bike.
  4. burgunder

    06 Yz 250

    Beginning of the year, i bought my 06 yz250 for $3100. That was around ten months ago. Sell your 04 first, them go negociate with the seller of the 06. If your 04 is in good shape, I think the difference should only be around $1000-$1600. Keep in mind that if you are trading in your bike to a dealership, they will only give you whole sale price as a trade-in and sell you the 06 at a retail price as they should. They buy wholesale and sell retail. Try to sell the 04 out-right to an individual.
  5. burgunder

    To much bike for me?

    I was the sme way. Went from 05 125 to 06 250. Scared me at first. For the second ride i installed a fly wheel weight. Now, I think that the 250 is actually easier to ride than my 125 was. I has so much torque, it is easier and safer to ride in the steap tight trails in western PA, and is easier to power out of turns on a track. If some one wanted to traid even a 09 250f or 450f for my 06 yz250, I would tell them to go pound salt. Now, a 09 yz250 is a different story. Get the yz250 - you will not regret it.
  6. burgunder

    GasGas TxT321

    Thanks for all of the help so fast. Another question would be regarding the suspension. One fork cap is red with a "c" and the other is black with an "e". Is "c" compression and "e" damping? I weigh around 165lbs. Where should I start with the fork settings. Also, how much sag. I would guess about 3 inches assuming the bike has about 9 inches of travel. Thanks again guys.
  7. burgunder

    GasGas TxT321

    I just picked up a TxT321 for my first trials bike and I have a few questions. I am going to grease all of the bearings, do a fluid change, and clean everything up this weekend. The bike seams to be in good shape. Seams to be mostly stock. It does have new Mich. X11 tires. They are so soft, I could sleep on them. I may have to try one on the rear of my yz250. I do need to get an owners manual. Any to download??? The light is not working. It looks like some body cut the red wire and taped it up under the tank. I that the wire for the light? The stickers on the bike say 2000, but the 10th digit in the VIN is a "1," any idea on the year of the bike? The front brake does not work well at all. Pads and disk are good with no hydro leaks. Can I lightly sand the pads and rotor like an mx bike, or is there another trick. Any other general info on these bike would be great. Thanks in advance.
  8. burgunder

    125 VS 250f on the track?

  9. burgunder

    What kind of pipe?

    Read the "sticky" at the top of the page. Lots of great info.
  10. burgunder

    hydrualic clutch on yz 250

    WAMXP1MP - we discussed yz144s quite a bit in the past, and i see you sold yours as I did. In January I bought a 06 yz250 that didn't even have a scratch on the clutch or ign. covers (show room clean.) I put on the magura looking for the easy pull of the 125. My clutch pull got much easier, but keep in mind, I never tried a new cable although I did lube the crap out of it. I did have to use 1mm washers on the slave to adjust the actuation point. But once I got everything adjusted, it is like Ron Popeal says "set it and forget it." I ride a lot of tight single track and used the cluch as much as the throttle. I can now use one finger the whole ride. I don't think you loose much "feel" of the clutch either. I will always use a hydro. from now on. How do you like that 250 compared to the 144. I couldn't be happier!
  11. There is an area around me people have rode for 20 years. The area surrounding the area has been expanding with homes - within 1 or 2 miles. The home owner have been complainning becuase of the noise. They would not even know that there were bikes in the wood if they didn't hear them. That is the real reason I bough the silencer, and not ride in my neighborhood. I have should be getting my fmf gnarly today. With its much thicker metal, it may be even more quiet. I am also going to look for sound absorbing foam to line the air box. I will let you guys know how it goes. This thing is going to sound like a PW50 when I am done.
  12. I haven't had the chance to go trail or track riding since I got the silencer and I couldn't take it any longer. I went for a ride around my block and I will tell you I didn't expect it to be as quiet as it was (even after hearing the reviews.) It is amaizing what else you hear when the exaust is THAT quiet. If I "have to" ride my bike around my neighborhood, I usually coast down a small hill to area where there are no homes, and push it back. I respect my neighbors and I have never had one of them complain or even come close to having the cops informed. This is mainly because I knew you could hear the bike. This time I rode it home. I asked my wife if she heard a bike from our living room, which has a window about 30 feet from the street. She didn't know I was gone and said she didn't notice anything. From my living room, you can hear a car drive in front of my house and I have no doubt that my wife did hear me, but the noise didn't get her attention. That tells me my money was well spent. I have not doubt that the stealth made my bike the most quiet 250 MX bike I ever heard. I can't say anything as to the performance being that I didn't ride long. I will report back when I do.
  13. I have actually done this. I used a rope connected to the bars and then suspended the bike from the garage rafters. Once the rear wheel s almost off of the ground and you get on, the bike is very close to the BP. I would not do the front wheel because I am sure I would break some thing or hurt myself. Done from the center of the bars, you do get a good feel for body possition, and rear break coverage "feel." (Where the break is, not how hard to push it). You can feel the bike going forward and back. I do think it has helped me, plus it is pretty safe as long as the rope will not break and the rafters are strong enough.
  14. burgunder

    your fav woods bike?

    In the last 3 years had a 03 yz250f, 05 yz125/144, and now an 06 yz250 and could not be happier. It has 11oz fww, wide fastco pegs, flex bars, fmf q-stealth SA(new), and Pirelli tires. Great power with torque and super nimble. I mainly ride trails with some track. I didn't like the the 250f. The weight seemed very high on the bike and I realised that I like 2 strokes power delivery better. The 125 was an incredible bike - Great weight, turned awesome, and was as fun as could be. The only thing I didn't like as it didn't have enough torque for the tight woods of western PA. The yz250 is a prefect blend and is my favorite bike I have yet owned. If I had to chose another bike, I would look into ktm 200-250- and especially the 300. The 300 is suposedly on of the best all around bikes ever made. Hope this helps.
  15. I got mine about a week ago. I got it installed (super simple) but have yet to ride with it. It replaced an fmf shorty. Obviously it is much longer, and a little heavier. I think it looks fine. Starting the bike in my garage, there is a huge noticable difference. All the noise comes from the pipe and air box. I had the same idea as RC that we could put sound deadening foam, from an audio store or from a computer store, in the air box and our bikes would sound electric. It is truely much, much quieter. I will report back once I get a ride in on it. (Even if it is through the neighborhood )