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  1. Like others have said, let us know your feedback.
  2. After looking them up in the part's fiche, I believe you're right. Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to order seals & bushings to service the forks on the image below for a buddy but don't know the year model. I've serviced CC & AER forks but have never worked with these. He bought the bike used & whoever he bought it from said it was an '06 RMZ250 which to me is odd 'cause my son has an'06 RM250 2T & they're CC forks. Can anyone help me out?. Roger
  4. But if I do this approach, do I need to keep the lever pulled in?. Do I also need to empty the system first?.
  5. Boy am I frustrated about bleeding the front brake. My son & I have spent quite some time bleeding the front brake to no avail. It is still quite mushy. At this point I'm thinking of reverse filling the line from the caliper towards the master. Can anyone explain a beginner's guide to properly doing this? Roger
  6. If for the rear shock you recommend 105-110 mm, what would it be for the front forks?
  7. Update: Took the front wheel off yesterday then took the master cap off thinking that if it had too much fluid it would spill out when I'd try to push the pistons into caliper. But no matter how hard I tried it only moved just a tiny bit if any. A few drops spilled out from the master which I don't know if it was due to the bars moving from side to side. Next I'll try what Knuckles & Ew83 suggested. Any other suggestions will be appreciated, Roger
  8. If that would be the case, how would you go about it to fix it.
  9. Hmm!, I haven't thought about those things. I guess the next thing will be to check them out.
  10. When I replaced the fluid I did bleed the brake line quite a bit. I guess I'd have to do some more.
  11. Lever is low at the beginning of the ride but when I ride for a couple of minutes it locks up & the lever is almost not moving. If I pull & release hard & quick it releases some but still dragging. What do you guys think?. Oh, BTW I replaced the fluid to the Brembo brand. Roger
  12. I don't know if I'm sending the email to the wrong person. I'm sending the emails with the order # to michelle. Last email I sent was 2 weeks ago & still no answer, I also tried the 800 # & is always busy as well as other 661 # & still no answer.
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