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    How much is this worth?

    I have a 2005 TTR 125E that I'm having my dad sell because I never get to ride it anymore. I live 2.5 hours away and have two small kids, so no riding for me. I've logged about 10 hours, no joke, on it, maybe two tanks of gas. So, its practically brand new. Never even been in the mud. Even the tires still have the tits on them. It has been sitting a while and he said the carb was dirty, so he put some cleaner in it and had it running pretty good. Well, a guy came to look at it today, and dad said it wouldn't start. they messed around with it for a while and finally got it to start but it was still sputtering. The guy offered him $1400. I think that seems like a rip off to me. Even if it needs a new carb, thats what, $200 for the part? Dad said there was some grit in the gas tank, but that seems like it would be easy enough to clean out. What do you think, what should i be able to get out of it? Thanks
  2. LauraAnn

    Well it finally happened...

    That sucks!! I bet it is painful. We're you wearing a chest protector? I guess those don't really protect the collarbone, right? I hope you have a speedy recovery!
  3. LauraAnn

    she did it

    My husband tried, wrecked, and now wants nothing to do with riding.
  4. LauraAnn

    My new awesome ride.

    Nice. I'm new, so this is probably a stupid question, but what is the difference between a WF and a TTR?
  5. LauraAnn

    Question for the thumpettes...

    I would definitely use it! Great idea!
  6. LauraAnn

    maintenance musings...

    There is more to dirt bike maintenance than just periodic oil changes? I'm in big trouble . . .
  7. Well, the Fox 180 girls pants are a little tight. The knee panel also hangs a little lower than it should. I was thinking about getting the next size up, but then will the knee panel be even lower? I have a helmet, goggles and a pair of kids gloves I bought the day I bought the bike. I think I'm going to order a women's pair of gloves, though, as the kids are slightly small. I tried on the small adult (mens) gloves at the dealerhsip, but they were too big. How do the women's gloves fit? There is no place around here that carries any womens' gear, so I can't try anything on. I was looking at the fox women's gloves. My hands are pretty small, so I was thinking the small size, but then again, don't want to be in the same boat as with the pants. I'd like to go ahead and get the jersey once I figure out if I'm going to just keep the tight pants or sell them back to an ebay user and find another pair. What brand of pants do you think fits the best? I went to a dealer the other day at lunch and there is a girl who works there who said she thinks the THor gear fits the best. She told me the fox stuff runs small, but that was of course after I had bought the pants off ebay. I think I might need strap extenders for the knee braces, as the calf is too tight. Once I get the extenders, I think I might be okay with these knee braces. I guess my next purchase should be a chest protector?
  8. I just started riding myself. A few peeople on this board referred me to the dirt bike schools. Although I didn't take it, it looks like it would be beneficial to you. I think they even supply all the gear and the bike to learn on too. http://www.dirtbikeschool.com/ good luck!
  9. So, I've been out about four times now on my new bike ( I posted about a month ago to get some help on deciding whether to get the ttr-125). I ended up getting it, but I got the smaller version, not the L. I absolutely love it. Its more fun than I even expected! I only get to ride it for a couple hours each weekend, as I have it out at my parents' house in the country. My husband and 15 month old daughter usually go down with me and don't last much longer than about 2 hours down there, so that is about all I get. I started out just riding around the semi-flat yard, learning the clutch, brakes, gears, etc. I would start, stop, turn, stand. My dad usually comes out and watches me (I think he is afraid I'm going to crash like my husband did the day I bought the bike - see prior post "ttr-125 too much power"). Anyway he told me to go on over the hill (just keep it in 1st or 2nd so I don't go too fast). They live in northern ky, but they're out in the hills, so it can be pretty steep. The hill he was talking about goes right down to a pond. I was going to go down it, chickened out and turned before the steep part. I went around again and built up nerve and then went down. Boy it was FUN! I went down the hill, around the pond, on down another longer hill, then through a dry creek, up a steep hill them back up a large long hill, through a garden, up a little step hill (that I can see myself jumping in the future) up through the yard, over the gravel driveway, past the garage, through more yard and back over to down the hill, around the pond, etc. It was great!! I was having fun just puttering around the yard - I didn't know it could be even more fun! Anyway, after reading all the posts from the "loosen up my buttons" thread, I thought "Hey, atleast my meaningless story is dirt bike related, I'm going to post it!" So now, lets talk gear (I know I've seen posts on all these topics before, but what the heck, its better than a song lyric, right?). I got a pair of kids size 5 o'neal element boots off ebay. I know they're not the best, but they were only $35. I've put them on, they're hard to get on, but they fit (not too tight once I get them on) How do you break them in?? I've got a pair of fox pants on the way and a used pair of youth evs amx knee braces. I'm unsure of the knee braces. How do you know if they're too small? Will they just be unbareably too tight?
  10. LauraAnn

    Where did all the Ohio people go?

    What would be the closest place to northern ky for trail riding? Is Big Rock any good for a beginner?
  11. LauraAnn

    Where did all the Ohio people go?

    Hi I was reading your all's threads from the spring looking for a place to ride. Did you guys ever go riding this past spring? I'm in northern ky and just starting out. Not ready to go out anywhere yet (still riding around in the yard) but might in the future. I don't think I'll get into the motocross anytime soon, since I'm new.Did you ever find any good trail riding spots?
  12. LauraAnn

    ttr-125 too much power?

    Update! Okay, I bought the ttr125e from the dealer on Saturday (I almost walked out and didn't get it on account of all their "fees" - freight, setup, registration, but I got them to knock those down more than half). So I got it. We got it to my parents's house and my dad got it off the truck, started it up and took it for a little spin around the yard. Then I got on it. I love it! It has a lot of power, but isn't too fast out of first, which was what I was worried about. I rode it around the yard about three times. Got it up to third gear. Then my husband wanted to try it. He hasn't ever ridden a bike, but he has been on 4-wheelers. My helmet didn't fit him, and we didn't really think about really wearing one, since we were just putting around the yard. Well, he took it around the yard once and was fine. Then he was taking it around again, but went down the hill instead of up. He lost control (I think the speed from the hill took it out of control) and he went straight into the corner of my dad's metal shed. Just two feet away from a rather large tree. Scared the crap out of me I went running down there, he got up all dazed, we made him lay down on the ground. He was bleeding in his ear, which really worried me, but it turned out, luckily that it wasn't coming from the inside of his ear. He ended up very lucky - he has a pretty big knot and a few large scratches on the side of his head, busted his eye glasses up and the metal sliced his ear - could've been way worse. He is fine, luckily, no stitches or anything. His ear bled for a couple hours, but finally stopped. It might end up leaving a scar though. We definitely learned to ALWAYS wear your helmet, no matter what you're doing. He pretty much took the whole corner of the shed out and knocked the whole thing off the foundation. As far as the bike goes, I haven't checked it out yet, but my dad and brother said it just has a few scratches on the plastic and may have bent my footpeg a little. It wouldn't start up right away (probably from being on its side for about 15 minutes) but after a little bit, my brother got it started and took it for a wheely, so I guess it is okay. I plan on going down this weekend to ride it. I was really hoping that I'd get my husband into riding, so I'd have someone to ride with, but I seriously doubt that is going to happen now. I think I'm going to set up some cones and do some practicing (figure eights, turning on a hill, etc) this weekend. I've called the dirt bike school in the area, but haven't heard back from them. I guess I need to call again. So, not such a brand new bike anymore, but atleast my husband is okay. It could've been much much worse for the bike and, more importantly, my husband.
  13. After reading the posts on the boots, several of you mentioned knee braces and pads. What is the purpose of the braces? Is it for bad knees or to prevent bad knees?
  14. LauraAnn

    ttr-125 too much power?

    Well, I went to the dealer tonight after work and checked out both the LE and the E. I decided to go with the E, as I liked the way it felt better (slighly lighter and almost 2 inches lower). So I'm going to pick it up tomorrow! It wasn't the dealer that was giving me a deadline, I was just too excited to wait. Usually, when I decide to get something, I have to have it ASAP. So, I'm really looking forward to getting it home (or well, to my parent's home!)! Here is another questiong for you all - I was trying on helmets at the dealer. The one that seemed to fit best was a Kid's size Medium! I was really surprised. I just wanted to check with you all to see how they're supposed to fit (make sure I am getting the right size). I tried on a kid's large at first, it seemed to fit okay, moved a slight bit near the the chin, so I decided to try the medium, just to compare. I got it on just fine. It is tight, but not uncomfortable and it doesn't move at all on my head. Is that how it is supposed to fit? (Remember I'm new to the helmet thing too!) Thanks everyone! I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!
  15. LauraAnn

    ttr-125 too much power?

    Thanks for all the great information. I think I've decided to get one. The only probalem is, I waited too long for the one I was looking at - its sold! It seemed like a great deal - used 2005 ttr125L (guy traded it in on a new bigger bike) for $1600! But, its gone, and I"m not seeing ANY used ttr125s around this area, so now I'm looking at new. I found a dealer around here that has some left over 2005s. He said he'd sell me one for cost (invoice price) of around $2100 for the ttr125E or $2200 for the 125LE. Sound like a decent deal? So now I need to decide before Saturday which model to get. I'm thinking the E, just because it is a little smaller (and I'm only 5'1") but I wanted to get all your opinions. I know the main difference is 1inch seat height, front disc brake versus drum on the E, smaller tires on the E. I can definitely flat foot on the E. Oh, I also looked up that dirtbikeclass website. There is actually one right in the small little town that my parents live in (Where I am going to take my bike to ride) so I'm definitely going to check into it. There is a dirt bike track right up the road from my parents' house (less than 1 mile away) and I wonder if that could be where they have the class. It looks like a fun track (lots of jumps - though I'm WAY far away from being able to do any jumps!) I'm really looking forward to riding again!! I need to get some gear, though too. When I was a kid I never thought about wearing a helmet. Boots?? It was sneakers with laces that I always worried about getting snagged on the chain! I've seen some posts on boots and such- definitely go for the women's sizes, right? Thanks again!!